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Silca Synergetic Wet Lube | The Bike Affair

Silca Synergetic Wet Lube


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Silca's Synergetic Wet Lube is a game-changer in the world of cycling lubricants. Inspired by F1 racing technology, this oil-based lubricant is designed to reduce friction and virtually eliminate wear in all metal components.

For the Demanding Cyclist: If you're a discerning cyclist seeking top-notch performance, Synergetic Wet Lube is tailor-made for you. Experience lower friction, increased lifespan, and a silent ride without the hassle of deep cleaning, drying, and waxing your chain.

Advanced Technology at Its Best: Paula Ussa Aldana's groundbreaking electron microscopy work at the University of Lyon uncovered the wonders of WS2 nano platelets held in the tribofilm of ZDDP. SILCA takes it further with a more advanced base oil, delivering enhanced wear and friction improvements.

Peak Performance and Durability: In Silca testing, Synergetic Wet Lube proved to be the fastest and quietest oil-based lubricant ever tested, boasting an impressive 98.1% efficiency. However, its true brilliance lies in its exceptional longevity and durability for your chain and mating components. Its durable tribofilm and self-attraction ensure it stays put, even during full water submersion.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience: Step up your game with Synergetic Wet Lube. Embrace advanced lubrication technology and enjoy a smoother, quieter, and more enduring ride.


Specifications of Silca Synergetic Wet Lube

  • 2oz Squeeze bottle with 18ga. Luer Lock Precision Applicator Tip
  • 12,000+ miles of lubricant per bottle
  • Ultra-high wearing, ultra-quiet, ultra waterproof wet lube
  • For best results apply to clean/dry chain. For good results may apply to new factory lubed chain and will fully displace the factory lube within 4-5 applications

How to Apply Silca Synergetic Wet Lube

  • Synergetic will work best on a perfectly clean/dry chain, but this is not absolutely necessary.  It will eventually displace factory grease on all common chain brands if dripped over top on a new chain.
  • Chain should be free of dirt and contaminants before applying Synergetic
Initial Application on clean/dry chain:
  • Apply 1 drop of Synergetic to each set of gaps on each roller (2 drops per roller)
  • Cycle chain backwards 10-12 revolutions to allow lubricant  to fully penetrate
  • Wipe Outside of chain and chainrings as dry as possible using MicroFiber cloth.
  • Re-apply 1 drop per roller every 600-800 miles or after every wet/rainy ride
Application on chain with factory lube:
  • Apply 1 drop per roller
  • Cycle chain backwards 10-12 revolutions white rubbing lubricant into chain between fingers
  • Wipe outside of chain and rings as dry as possible with MicroFiber cloth.
  • Re-apply and wipe after each ride for 4-5 rides to allow Synergetic to replace factory lube

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