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Escape Velocity: The Definitive Desi Guide to Cycling Book

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Discover the Joy of Cycling with "Escape Velocity: A Handbook for the Modern Cyclist"

Escape Velocity is your comprehensive guide to all things cycling, designed to answer your basic questions and empower you to embark on a fulfilling cycling journey. Divided into three sections - "Before Buying Your Bike," "Before Your First Ride," and "Becoming a Seasoned Rider" - this handbook is a valuable resource for both beginner and experienced cyclists in India.

Rediscover the Joy of Cycling

For many Indian adults, the bicycle holds cherished memories of childhood and a sense of freedom. Cycling takes us back to simpler times, but as life progresses, we often shift our focus away from sports and movement. However, the desire to regain fitness, shed pounds, or embark on a new sporting journey often brings us back to the saddle. Unfortunately, reconnecting with bicycles as adults can be challenging, both physically and mentally.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing a New Relationship with Cycling

"Escape Velocity" addresses the obstacles and mental blocks that adults face when rediscovering cycling. From changes in our own bodies to overcoming mental barriers, this book provides insights and guidance to help you incorporate cycling into your life seamlessly. Whether you're a beginner or returning to cycling after a hiatus, this handbook will take you a step closer to rekindling your love for cycling and enjoying its numerous benefits.

Key Sections and Expert Advice

  • "Before Buying Your Bike": This section provides valuable information on choosing the right bicycle, considering factors such as terrain, purpose, and personal preferences. Expert advice on selecting the appropriate bike type, size, and components will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

  • "Before Your First Ride": Prepare yourself for a successful cycling journey with this section, which covers essential topics like safety gear, basic maintenance, and road etiquette. Gain confidence in navigating traffic, understanding signals, and ensuring your safety on the road.

  • "Becoming a Seasoned Rider": Dive deeper into the world of cycling with this section, which offers tips and techniques to enhance your riding skills and improve performance. From proper pedaling techniques to training plans and strategies, this section equips you with the knowledge to become a seasoned cyclist.

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