Birzman Aeroman Hydration Carrier


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Introducing the award-winning Aeroman Hydration Carrier by Birzman - the ultimate solution for staying hydrated on your rides. This rear hydration system is designed to provide versatility, functionality, and convenience like never before.

Versatile 6061 Aluminium Modular Structure

Crafted from durable 6061 aluminum, the Aeroman Hydration Carrier boasts a modular structure with multiple mounting holes, opening up a world of attachment possibilities and orientations. Customize it to suit your needs - stow the bracket to carry a single bottle cage at the rear end, or extend the bracket to carry two bottle cages side by side. The choice is yours.

Adaptable for Different Saddle Shapes

Not all saddles are the same, and Birzman understands that. The arms of the Aeroman Hydration Carrier mount onto the saddle rail at two adjustable angles, ensuring compatibility with saddles of various shapes and sizes. Enjoy a perfect fit, regardless of your bike's setup.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Focused

With the Aeroman Hydration Carrier, you'll have easy access to your water bottles, allowing you to stay hydrated and focused on your ride. No more reaching awkwardly for bottles or stopping frequently - keep your water within arm's reach and conquer the roads ahead.

Sleek Design, Sturdy Build

Birzman's commitment to quality is evident in the Aeroman Hydration Carrier's sleek design and robust construction. Built to withstand the demands of challenging rides, this carrier ensures your hydration remains secure and accessible throughout your journey.

The Perfect Cycling Companion

Whether you're a long-distance cyclist, a road racer, or an adventurous bikepacker, the Aeroman Hydration Carrier is your ideal companion. Experience the freedom of having your hydration source at the rear, leaving your bike's frame free for other accessories.

Experience Award-Winning Innovation

Awarded for its ingenuity and performance, the Aeroman Hydration Carrier is the result of Birzman's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. Elevate your cycling experience with this exceptional rear hydration system.

Upgrade Your Hydration Game

Don't settle for less when it comes to hydration. Upgrade to the Aeroman Hydration Carrier and enjoy the benefits of a fully adjustable, efficient, and stylish rear hydration solution.


Specifications ofĀ Birzman Aeroman Hydration Carrier

Ā Material 6061 aluminium
Size 170 x 72 x 68mm
Weight 105g (including hardware)
Includes 9mm carbon rail mounts