WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair
WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair
WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair
WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair
WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair
WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre | The Bike Affair

WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre


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WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre: Your Ultimate Gravel Adventure Companion

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: Embark on a journey of endless exploration with the WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Tyre. Designed to conquer pavement, hardpack, and gravel terrains, this tire is the perfect choice for riders seeking thrilling adventures beyond the ordinary.

Swift and Efficient Performance: With its slick centerline and angular grooves, the Byway tire ensures swift and efficient rides on any pavement that stands between you and your next thrilling escapade. Minimizing rolling resistance, this tire maximizes speed, allowing you to reach the good stuff in no time.

Uncompromising Traction and Stability: The intermediate, diamond-shaped peaks of the Byway tire provide unwavering traction, keeping you firmly grounded even under power. Experience stability and confidence as you power through various terrains, knowing that these reliable tread elements have got you covered.

Confident Cornering and Puncture Protection: Navigate gravel roads with ease and confidence, thanks to the consistent and substantial side knobs of the Byway tire. These side knobs extend down the sidewall, providing exceptional grip during cornering while also offering valuable puncture protection. Feel the freedom to push your limits and conquer every turn.

Redefine Your Riding Experience with Tubeless Compatibility: The WTB Byway TCS tyre features the innovative Tubeless Compatible System (TCS), setting a new standard for performance and convenience. Say goodbye to flats and hello to lower tire pressures, improved traction, and enhanced comfort. Experience the freedom and control that tubeless riding brings.

Ready for Adventure Road and Gravel Riding: Whether you're embarking on an adventure road trip or seeking exhilarating gravel rides, the WTB Byway TCS tyre is the ultimate companion. Its versatility and durability make it the preferred choice for those long days of exploration. It's time to embrace the freedom of riding on pavement, hardpack, dirt, and gravel, knowing that your tyre can handle it all.


Features of WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre

Efficiently Smooth Centerline: Minimizes rolling resistance on the primary contact point of the tire and transitions into angular grooves that channel water away from the centerline.

Supportive Intermediate Tread: Small diamonds of tread provide just enough traction to keep things upright before reaching the outer knobs.

Prominent Outer Knobs: Provide the extra bite you need while cornering on the gravel road that makes your afternoon loop possible.

Tubeless Compatible: TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless system. These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing, which nearly eliminates flats and allows lower tire pressures to improve traction and comfort over a traditional tube-type tire.


    Specifications of WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre

    Part Number
    Size  700x40C
    Level Road TCS
    ETRTO 40-622
    GMS 40/40
    Tubeless Compatibility TCS Tubeless
    Casing Single-ply 60tpi
    Puncture Protection n/a
    Weight 426 g
    Compound Dual DNA
    Min-Max Pressure 25-50 psi
    Usage Adventure Road • Gravel
    Conditions Pavement • Hardpack • Dirt • Gravel

    Technology of WTB Byway TCS 700x40c Light/Fast Roll Gravel Tyre

    TCS: TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is our industry-leading tubeless rim/tire system designed to international ETRTO and ISO standards.

    Light Casing: One layer of supple, gram-conscious casing conforms to the terrain to provide maximum performance, exceptional reliability and low rotational weight.

    Fast Rolling Compound: Specifically formulated to prioritize rolling efficiency while also providing dependable traction and lasting durability.

    Available With Sg2 Puncture Protection: SG2 is our unique puncture protection technology that provides bead-to-bead coverage to ensure both the tread and sidewall are protected from slashes and punctures. The nylon fibers within SG2 feature a uniquely flat profile, which reduces the amount of rubber between fibers. Improving the fiber-to-rubber ratio increases puncture resistance, reduces weight and improves the overall liveliness of a tire. While SG2 is primarily a puncture protection layer, its tightly woven fibers also improve air retention to better maintain pressure between rides.

    Black or Tan Sidewalls: It's nice to have options, which is why most of our gravel tires are available with either black or tan sidewalls. Traditional black sidewalls tend to blend in with the components and wheels of a bike and may look sleeker in the eyes of some riders. WTB tanwall tires blend retroesque looks with modern technology to create an iconic look that has become synonymous with high-performance gravel. Looks aside, gram counters may choose our tan tires because the compounds used to make them are slightly lighter than those used to manufacture black sidewalls.

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