Silca Super Secret Chainlube | The Bike Affair
Silca Super Secret Chainlube | The Bike Affair
Silca Super Secret Chainlube | The Bike Affair

Silca Super Secret Chainlube


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Silca Super Secret Chainlube

Advanced Wax-Based Lubrication

Silca Super Secret Chainlube is an innovative, wax-based lubricant designed for both enthusiasts and professional cyclists. It can be used as an effective addition to Silca's Hot Melt Wax or on its own, offering a clean, quiet operation that enhances your cycling performance.

Development and Performance

Originally developed to create the fastest Hot-Melt wax lubricant, this project evolved significantly over more than a year. Spearheaded by Josh, who has extensive experience helping pro cyclists and triathletes with chain waxing, the Super Secret Chainlube was born out of a desire to simplify the waxing process which varied widely across different crockpot designs and temperatures.

Innovative Technology from IndyCar

The breakthrough came from an IndyCar technology that enabled the suspension of micro-scale wax powders in a quick-drying solution. This formula creates a coating virtually indistinguishable from hot melt dipping but is much easier to apply. The air-drying liquid wax, combined with Tungsten Disulfide, not only surpasses the performance of existing hot melt waxes in friction tests but also proves to be faster and simpler to use.

Ease of Use

Silca Super Secret Chainlube revolutionizes chain lubrication by offering the benefits of hot melt wax with the convenience of a drip application. This lube quickly dries and forms a durable, low-friction coating, making it an ideal choice for cyclists looking for a hassle-free solution to chain maintenance.

Performance Benefits

By reducing friction, this lube significantly enhances the efficiency of your drivetrain. It is especially suitable for competitive racing environments where every second counts. Additionally, its wax-based formulation ensures that your chain runs cleaner and quieter, improving your overall cycling experience.

Application Tips

For optimal results, ensure your chain is clean before application. Apply the lube evenly across the chain while turning the pedals to ensure thorough coverage. Allow it to dry completely to form a protective, low-friction coating. This product is ideal for maintaining peak performance in both training and racing conditions.

Versatility and Durability

Suitable for all types of weather conditions, Silca Super Secret Chainlube provides lasting protection and performance. Whether you're preparing for a race or maintaining your bike for recreational rides, this chain lube offers the reliability and quality that Silca is known for.

Silca Super Secret Chainlube is a groundbreaking solution that combines high-performance technology with practical application, making it a must-have for serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.


Specifications of Silca Super Secret Chainlube

  • Clean to the touch
  • Repels dirt and debris
  • Easy to apply
  • Save up to 7w over other lubes
  • For the full wax treatment, see Secret Chain Blend

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