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Silca Chain Stripper + Super Secret Chainlube 118ml


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Silca Wax Starter Pack

Comprehensive Chain Maintenance Solution

The Silca Wax Starter Pack is an all-in-one kit designed to provide cyclists with everything needed for optimal chain maintenance. This pack ensures your chain is prepared and waxed for countless miles of smooth, silent pedaling, making it a perfect choice for both new and seasoned cyclists.

Step One - Ultimate Chain Stripper + Wax Prep

The first step in the Silca Wax Starter Pack involves using the Ultimate Chain Stripper + Wax Prep. This product combines a powerful, biodegradable degreaser with a wax adhesion promoter. It's designed to efficiently prepare new or used factory chains for waxing in a single step, removing contaminants while priming the chain for better wax adhesion. This process not only speeds up the preparation time but also enhances the longevity of the wax application.

Step Two - Super Secret Chain Lube

Following the chain preparation, step two involves applying Silca's Super Secret Chain Lube. This innovative lube carries the benefits of a hot-melt wax dip in a convenient drip-applied form. It provides the speed and quiet operation associated with traditional wax-dipped chains but is much easier and quicker to apply.

Ideal for All Cyclists

Whether you're a competitive racer looking for every performance advantage or a recreational rider seeking a quieter, smoother ride, the Silca Wax Starter Pack meets a wide range of needs. It's particularly suited for those who want a professional-level maintenance routine without the complexity typically associated with chain waxing.

The Silca Wax Starter Pack represents a significant innovation in bicycle maintenance, providing cyclists with a simple, effective way to prepare and maintain their chains with professional results.


Specifications of Silca Chain Stripper + Super Secret Chainlube 118ml

  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Cleans chain in 10 minutes
  • Improves wax treatment adhesion
  • World's fastest nano-scale Tungsten Di-Sulfide
  • NanoPlatelet WS2 has less than one third the friction of the leading brand
  • All the benefits of a hot-melt wax dip with none of the hassle

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