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Schwalbe AV 12 26/27.5" MTB Tube


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Schwalbe AV 12 26/27.5" MTB Tube

Optimal Performance Across Two Sizes: The Schwalbe AV 12 inner tube is meticulously designed for both 26-inch and 27.5-inch mountain bike tires, covering a wide range of tire widths from 32 to 47mm (ETRTO 32/47-559/597). This versatility makes it an excellent choice for mountain bikers who demand a high-performance tube that can adapt to different tire sizes without compromising on durability or fit.

Superior Air Retention: Benefit from prolonged air retention with the Schwalbe AV 12 tube. Engineered to hold air longer than many standard tubes, it minimizes the need for frequent inflation. This feature stems from the use of high-quality materials and a manufacturing process that ensures a uniform wall thickness across the tube, enhancing both performance and reliability.

Tested Reliability: Trust in a tube that cyclists worldwide have relied on for consistent performance. The Schwalbe AV 12 has been tested under various conditions and has proven its reliability countless times. Whether navigating rocky paths, tackling steep hills, or cruising on flat trails, this tube is built to last and withstand the challenges of mountain biking.

Premium Material Quality: Constructed from top-tier materials, the Schwalbe AV 12 tube offers exceptional durability. Its uniform wall thickness not only aids in maintaining air pressure but also provides a balanced and smooth ride, reducing the risk of punctures and ensuring that you can focus more on your ride and less on maintenance.

Ease of Installation: This tube is designed for straightforward installation, making it accessible for both novice riders and seasoned cyclists. The flexibility of the material allows for easy handling during tire changes, ensuring a snug fit within the tire and reducing the likelihood of pinching during installation.

Ideal for Diverse Mountain Biking Needs: Whether you're upgrading your current mountain bike or setting up a new one, the Schwalbe AV 12 tube is a smart choice. Its ability to fit two popular tire sizes and its robust construction make it a staple for anyone serious about mountain biking.

Choose the Schwalbe AV 12 26/27.5" MTB Tube for a reliable, long-lasting cycling experience that enhances your control and confidence on the trails. Its proven performance and superior construction are sure to meet the demands of any mountain biking adventure.


Features of Schwalbe AV 12 27.5" MTB Tube

  • Airtightness - Apart from the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber mixture is crucial to the quality of the tube. The base material is therefore sieved at enormous pressure through seven filters before being extruded. All tubes are inserted into a mould and inflated for vulcanization to ensure constant wall thickness and high air pressure retention.
  • Reliability - All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours in order to test for air pressure retention. Afterwards each, individual tube undergoes a careful visual inspection. This special quality control helps prevent unpleasant surprises and is why, over many years, Schwalbe tubes have become highly respected for outstanding reliability by bicycle dealers.
  • Group tube system - Only high elasticity and good quality allows a tube to cover very many tire sizes. Tube No. 17 can fit tire widths between 28 mm and 45 mm and that is a big advantage to the trade and simultaneously it vouches for the tube's quality. Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is up to to this requirement.
  • Valve - All valves are nickel-plated and threaded and valve inserts are replaceable. Also, Schwalbe tubes with the classic bicycle valve are capable of pressure testing thanks to a high-pressure valve seal. And it is plain to see as each tube is crowned with a transparent polycarbonate dust cap.

Specifications of Schwalbe AV 12 27.5" Tube

Valve Type  AV
Valve Length 40 mm
Design Standard
Size ETRTO 30/47-559/597
Type Butyl
Weight 140 g
Compatible with 47-559 (26 x 1.75)
47-571 (26 x 1-3/4) 650C x 45C
35-584 (27.5 x 1.35) 650 x 35B
47-584 (27.5 x 1.75) 650 x 45B
32-590 (26 x 1-1/4) 650 x 32A
37-590 (26 x 1-3/8) 650 x 35A
44-590 (26 x 1-5/8) 650 x 42A
32-597 (26 x 1-1/4)

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