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Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag


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Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag - Fuel Your Ride

The Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag is a must-have companion for cyclists who want quick access to energy gels and snacks during their rides. This compact and toptube-mounted pouch offers a secure and convenient storage solution for keeping your fuel within easy reach.

Secure Three Velcro Strap Design

Designed for easy installation and a secure fit, the Energy Caddy features a three Velcro strap system that attaches firmly to your bike's top tube. The straps provide a reliable hold, ensuring the bag stays in place even during bumpy rides and intense cycling sessions.

Molded EVA Foam Structure with Durable Nylon Cover

Crafted with durability in mind, the Energy Caddy is constructed with a molded EVA foam structure. This material not only offers excellent protection for your energy gels and snacks but also maintains its shape to keep the bag looking sleek and compact. The durable nylon cover further enhances the bag's longevity, making it a reliable accessory for many rides to come.

Elastic Midsection for Versatile Storage

One of the highlights of the Energy Caddy is its elastic midsection, which expands and contracts to accommodate various contents. Whether you need to carry energy gels, granola bars, or other small essentials, this top tube bag adapts to your needs, providing ample storage space in a compact design.

Velcro Mesh Cover for Secured Contents

Worried about your snacks falling out during the ride? Fear not! The Energy Caddy comes with a Velcro mesh cover that keeps your items securely in place. No more fumbling for your energy gels or snacks; you can now focus on the road ahead while easily accessing your fuel when needed.

Upgrade Your Ride with Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag

Fuel your ride with the Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag. This compact and versatile pouch keeps your energy gels and snacks within arm's reach, allowing you to stay energized and focused on your cycling adventures.


Specifications of Lezyne Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag

  • Weight:  87g
  • Dimensions: 195x70x85 mm
  • Cargo: 1.2 L

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