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Guee SL Dazzle Bar Tape: Performance and Visibility in One

The Guee SL Dazzle Bar Tape is where performance meets visibility. Whether you're an early morning rider or enjoy cycling late into the evening, this bar tape enhances your safety and style on the road.

Increased Visibility: Dazzle isn't just about aesthetics; it's designed with your safety in mind. Its unique construction includes a reflective middle layer. When illuminated by traffic lights and headlights, this layer adds an extra level of visibility, making you more noticeable to others on the road.

Triple-Layer Construction: Crafted with a three-layer construction, Dazzle offers several benefits. It's incredibly lightweight, providing a barely-there feel. The surface provides superior grip, even in wet conditions. Plus, it dries quickly, ensuring you maintain control even when it's raining.

Performance and Style: Dazzle isn't just about safety; it's also a style statement. Its unique texture and reflective properties add a touch of sophistication to your bike. It's the perfect choice for riders who demand both performance and aesthetics.

Perfect for All Conditions: Whether you're cycling under the scorching sun or in the pouring rain, Dazzle keeps you in control. It offers an anti-slip grip, ensuring your hands stay securely on the handlebars.

Stay Safe, Ride in Style: The Guee SL Dazzle Bar Tape is designed for those who refuse to compromise on safety or style. Equip your bike with this tape and let it dazzle not only in the daytime but also when the sun goes down.


Features of Guee SL Dazzle Bar Tape

  • Advanced bar tape engineered with 3M reflective film (RGO/RSV) that the high brightness middle layer improving visibility under traffic lights
  • Multi-layers structure with staggered texture
  • The external knitting top layer provides extra durability and superior feeling comfort, it protects the middle layer during utilization
  • Anti-slip during wet and humid weather conditions
  • Suitable for all handlebar shapes: round, integrated, flat and aerobars
  • Patented product
  • Reflective and safety properties  (RGO/RSV)
  • Extra drying action, anti-slip tape
  • Improved GUEE end-plug with matchable and protecting color cap

    Specifications of Guee SL Dazzle Bar Tape

    Material  Nylon Spandex Fabric / Cushion EVA
    Length (L) 2150 mm
    Width (W) 30 mm
    Thickness (T) 3 mm
    Bar End Plugs Yes
    Weight 80 g / pair (excl. End Plug)
    Colors Chroma Blue, Chroma Red, Reflective Geometry, Reflective Silver

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