Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements | The Bike Affair
Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements | The Bike Affair
Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements | The Bike Affair
Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements | The Bike Affair

Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements

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Empower Your Immunity with Fast&Up Charge Orange

Fast&Up Charge Orange is your go-to source for a powerful immunity boost. Packed with 1000mg natural amla extract and 10mg Zinc, this Vitamin C supplement is designed to strengthen your immune system, enhance your immune response, and fortify your body's defenses against viruses and diseases.

Harness the Power of Natural Amla Extract

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a potent source of Vitamin C. Fast&Up Charge Orange derives its 1000mg of Vitamin C from natural amla extract. This natural source of Vitamin C ensures optimal absorption and utilization by your body.

Zinc for Enhanced Immune Function

Fast&Up Charge Orange doesn't stop at Vitamin C. It also includes 10mg of Zinc, a crucial mineral that plays a pivotal role in immune system function. Zinc supports the production of immune cells and helps maintain overall immune health.

India's Best-Selling Vitamin C

Fast&Up Charge Orange proudly holds the title of India's best-selling Vitamin C supplement. With its powerful blend of natural amla extract and Zinc, it has earned the trust and loyalty of countless individuals who prioritize their immunity.

Elevate Your Immune Response

In today's world, a robust immune system is more important than ever. Fast&Up Charge Orange is your partner in maintaining a strong defense against external threats. Whether you're facing seasonal changes, stress, or simply aiming to stay healthy, this supplement is designed to empower your immune response.

Convenient and Delicious

Fast&Up Charge Orange comes in a tube containing 20 easy-to-consume effervescent tablets. Simply drop a tablet into water, watch it fizz, and enjoy a delicious orange-flavored drink that nourishes your immunity.

Stay Resilient, Stay Healthy

Fast&Up Charge Orange is more than just a Vitamin C supplement; it's a statement of prioritizing your health. With its natural amla extract, Zinc, and refreshing orange flavor, it's the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine. Empower your immunity with Fast&Up Charge Orange and embrace a healthier, stronger you.

Features of Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements

  • No added sugar, Non-GMO, and Soy-Free
  • Antioxidant helps tackle exercise-based inflammation by fighting free radicals
  • Extracted from Amla, the natural Vitamin C and Zinc helps maintain your daily immune system
  • Developed on our in-house Swiss Effervescent Technology ‚Äď that is fast acting with high nutrient bioavailability¬†¬†
Use & Consume

How To Use Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements

Drop, Fizz and Drink

Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and the drink is ready to be consumed. In 500ml, dissolve 2 tablets. We‚Äôre India's original ‚ÄúDrop, Fizz and Drink‚ÄĚ effervescent tablets.¬†¬†

When Do You Use It

You can have this drink after your breakfast. It is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain immunity levels. This drink can be used all year round for boosting your immunity. 


As the product contains natural extracts, the taste of the final product may vary slightly due to the change of seasons and their growing conditions. 

What Is Fast&Up Charge? 

Fast&Up Charge is a completely Natural Vitamin C supplement which delivers immunity boosting ingredients like 1000mg of natural Amla Extract and 10mg of Zinc. These support a robust immune response and increase resistance to immune challenges.

Charge is available in orange flavor, in a tube of 20 effervescent tablets and is a perfect solution for those who want to avoid frequent attacks of cold, flu and sickness. Just Drop, Dissolve and Drink to maintain daily immunity.   

Why Is Vitamin C Better In The Effervescent Form?  

Our immune system decides how healthy we are and hence the supplement needs to be speedy and efficient in performance. Fast&Up Charge, in its effervescent form is made with our in-house premium effervescent technology that offers faster absorption and action without any gastrointestinal issues.

This natural and highly bioavailable pure effervescent supplement is derived from Amla extract which is a well-known natural and rich source of Vitamin C with natural antioxidant properties. 

How Does Vitamin C And Zinc Help In Daily Immunity Boost?   

Vitamin C and Zinc are essential nutrients and play a vital role in optimal functioning of the immune system and an inadequacy or deficiency of Vitamin C and Zinc leads to impaired immune system with altered resistance to infections and weakened collagenous structures with delayed wound healing.

It is a well-known fact that Vitamin C is vital to maintain daily immunity. Addition of key mineral Zinc with natural Vitamin C provides a complete synergistic immune therapy to the body. Zinc is important to body in many ways and helps to keep our immune system in check.

Presence of Zinc in Vitamin C supplement helps fight infections more effectively. Both Vitamin C and Zinc help in modulation of host resistance to agents causing infection and reducing the risk, severity and duration of infections. Basically, our immune system just can’t function without Zinc.

Why Natural Vitamin C From Amla?

Fast&Up Charge offers natural Vitamin C derived from Amla extract since its naturally rich with Vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry originates in India and contains a high concentration of Vitamin C along with a full-spectrum of immune-enhancing benefits, popularly known for supporting immunity, energy and optimal health.

Why Is Vitamin C Such A Powerful Antioxidant?  

Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant capacity and contributes to the production of cells from damaging effects of oxygen radicals during immune activation. It also improves components of human immune system such as antimicrobial, natural killer cell activities, etc.

Vitamin C supplements also have a strong antioxidant effect and helps to protect the body’s cells from harmful attacks by free radicals. And since many health-related problems can be triggered by reactive oxygen species, one can significantly reduce the risk of many illnesses through adequate intake of Vitamin C supplements with Zinc.

Evidence further suggests that vitamin C provides indirect antioxidant protection by regenerating other biologically important antioxidants such as glutathione and Vitamin E to their active state.

Who Needs Fast&Up Charge?  

Anyone who wants to avoid getting sick and maintain their daily immune health.

Studies show that individuals who have more stressful lives are at risk for low Vitamin C levels. Vitamin C decreases more rapidly with increased stress, hence daily supplementation can help to manage better the emotional and physical stress.

Why Is It Essential To Consume Vitamin C Daily?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is not stored in the body for a long time. They circulate in your body, perform their functions and whatever the body doesn't need or use gets excreted in your urine. Hence frequent consumption of Vitamin C is crucial and it is advised to take Vitamin C supplement on daily basis.


Nutritional Info of Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements(Approx Values)

Per 100g Per Tablet (4 g)
Energy 319.5 kCal 12.78 kCal
Carbohydrate 79.25 g 3.17 g
Total Sugar 16.75 g 0.67 g
Protein 0.00 g 0.00 g
Fat 0.25 g 1.01 g

Each Effervescent Tablet of Fast&Up Charge Orange - Tube of 20 Vitamin C Supplements Contains

Ingredients Per Tablet
Phyllanthus emblica  L. extract (Amla) 1000 mg
Zinc sulphate equivalent to elemental Zinc 10 mg

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