De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle | The Bike Affair
De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle | The Bike Affair

De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle

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De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle

Redefining Performance and Adventure

Introducing the De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle, a carbon road bike that combines the thrill of racing with the joy of long-distance adventures. Crafted with a strategic blend of high-quality T800 and T100 carbon, the Idol Disc delivers a stable and exhilarating ride, perfect for both descents and challenging hill climbs.

Designed to excel in the longest Gran Fondo races, the Idol Disc features an aggressive geometry that ensures nimble handling on the road and confident maneuverability in and out of corners. Its super stiff center, compatible with top crank manufacturers' options, provides exceptional power transfer and responsiveness. The sculpted asymmetrical chainstays and robust down tube create a solid foundation, while the curved top tube and slender seatstays enhance comfort and maintain a lightweight feel.

With internal cable routing accommodating both electronic and mechanical groupsets, the Idol maintains its sleek aesthetics, free from cluttered cables and ties. This bike is designed to withstand braking forces, ensuring exceptional responsiveness and comfort, allowing you to push your limits and ride like a true rockstar.


Features of De Rosa Idol Ultegra Road Bicycle

Carbon Performance: Constructed from a strategic blend of high-quality T800 and T100 carbon, the Idol Disc offers a winning combination of stability, responsiveness, and lightness. It's built to elevate your riding experience, whether you're racing or embarking on long-distance adventures.

Agile Geometry: The Idol's geometry strikes the perfect balance between speed and agility. It's designed to be aggressive enough for high-performance riding, yet versatile enough to handle various road conditions and corners with ease.

Stiffness and Power Transfer: Experience exceptional power transfer with the Idol's super stiff center. This feature, combined with the compatibility of top crank manufacturers' options, ensures that every pedal stroke propels you forward with efficiency and speed.

Comfortable Ride: The Idol's carefully crafted design includes sculpted asymmetrical chainstays, a beefy down tube, a curved top tube, and lean seatstays. This combination provides a cushioned and lightweight ride, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall comfort.

Clean Cable Routing: The Idol features internal cable routing that accommodates both electronic and mechanical groupsets. This not only contributes to the bike's clean and streamlined appearance but also ensures smooth and reliable shifting performance.

Weight: 7 kg