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Castelli Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks


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Castelli Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks

Performance and Comfort Combined: Elevate your cycling experience with the Castelli Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks – a true masterpiece of performance and comfort. Designed for the discerning cyclist.

Cool Mesh for Breathability: Stay cool and dry during intense rides with the advanced cool mesh construction. Experience optimal airflow that keeps your feet comfortable and sweat-free, even on the hottest days.

Padded Forefoot for Cushioned Comfort: The padded forefoot ensures superior comfort, absorbing impact and reducing friction. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a plush, supportive feel throughout your ride.

Compression Midfoot for Stability: Enjoy enhanced stability and support with the compression midfoot design. This feature not only improves overall fit but also aids in reducing foot fatigue, allowing you to go the distance with ease.

Reflective Tab for Safety: Safety is paramount, and the reflective tab at the back of these socks adds an extra layer of visibility during low-light conditions. Stay seen and ride with confidence, no matter the time of day.

Rosso Corsa Quality: Experience the pinnacle of sock craftsmanship with the Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks. Castelli's commitment to quality shines through, making these socks a true testament to their expertise.


Features of Castelli Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks

  • Multiple-structure knit to get the right performance in every part of the sock
  • 200-needle construction for extra stretch
  • Compressive midfoot support band
  • Asymmetrical construction to mirror shape of foot
  • Reflective tab at center back
  • Cushioning pad under ball of foot
  • Meryl® Skinlife yarns with antimicrobial silver ions to reduce odor
  • Weight: 53 g
  • Fit: Performance

Technology of Castelli Rosso Corsa Pro 15 Socks

Rosso Corsa:

Our Rosso Corsa label is only applied to the highest-level products we make. Every thread and fiber, every curve and contour is obsessed about. Rosso Corsa represents a categorical breakthrough in cycling innovation and the meticulous craftsmanship you expect from Castelli’s performance-enhancing apparel.

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