Apace Hex Racer Race-Fit Jersey

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Apace Hex Racer Race-Fit Jersey: Unleash Your Racing Edge

Race-Fit Performance: Experience the thrill of racing with the Apace Hex Racer Race-Fit Jersey. Crafted for those who demand peak performance, this jersey offers a race fit that's designed to enhance your cycling prowess. With its lightweight and quick-wicking stretchable polyester-spandex mesh construction, the Hex Racer is your ultimate racing partner.

Lightweight Agility: Embrace the speed of the track with the Apace Hex Racer. This jersey takes the performance of the Cafe Racer and elevates it with an even lighter construction. The hexagon theme design, with its color fades, adds a dynamic twist to your racing attire. It's not just a jersey; it's a statement of your racing spirit.

Designed for the Track: The Hex Racer is more than just style; it's designed for the track. Fitted regular sleeves with an elasticated hem ensure a snug hold on your arms, minimizing distractions and maximizing your focus on the race. A lightweight zipper, gripper elastic on the hem, reflective logos, and three ample back pockets complete the package.

Unleash Your Racing Edge: Every racer seeks that competitive edge, and the Apace Hex Racer Race-Fit Jersey provides just that. Its combination of fit, comfort, and practical features makes it an essential part of your racing gear. Embrace the Hex Racer and take your racing journey to the next level.


Features & Care of Apace Hex Racer Race-Fit Jersey

  • Race fit with fitted regular sleeves
  • Lightweight Zipper
  • Asymmetric front and back length
  • Elasticated hem with silicon gripper
  • Three open back pockets with reflective elements
  • Overlock and flat locked seams
  • Polyster-spandex Mesh
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Moisture Management, Quick-wicking
  • Breathable, Lightweight
  • Machine wash cold
  • No iron on print