SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair

SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake


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SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake: Set, Forget, and Conquer the Trails

Designed for Simplicity and Power

The SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake stands as a testament to the power of simplicity in delivering robust and reliable braking performance. Crafted for riders who value a 'set and forget' approach to their components, the DB8 offers an uncomplicated, maintenance-friendly experience without sacrificing the stopping power needed for aggressive riding.

Low Maintenance with Mineral Oil System

At the heart of the DB8's reliability is its Mineral Oil hydraulic system. Unlike systems that use synthetic fluids, Mineral Oil is known for its stability, low maintenance, and consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures. This choice ensures that riders can spend more time on the trails and less time in the workshop, with easy adjustment access when needed.

Ergonomic Comfort and Easy Adjustability

SRAM understands that control and comfort are paramount when it comes to brakes. The DB8 lever is designed with proven technologies to provide superior ergonomic comfort, allowing for longer rides without fatigue. Easy adjustment access ensures that riders can fine-tune their braking feel with minimal effort, tailoring the system to their preferences and riding conditions.

Code-Like Power with Familiar Caliper Architecture

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Code brake series, the DB8 utilizes similar caliper architecture to deliver comparable stopping power. This design choice ensures that riders familiar with Code's performance will find the same reliable, forceful braking in a more streamlined package. Additionally, the use of existing brake pads with the DB8 means easier maintenance and compatibility.

Elevate Your Riding with Confidence

Whether tackling steep descents, navigating technical trails, or enjoying a leisurely ride through the forest, the SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake provides the confidence to push your limits. Its blend of simplicity, low maintenance, ergonomic design, and powerful braking allows riders to focus on the joy of riding, knowing that their brakes will perform flawlessly ride after ride.


Features of SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake

  • New lever optimized for tool access.
  • Code-like power.
  • Uses existing Code pads.
  • Designed for use with Maxima Mineral Oil only.
  • Designed for use with SRAM Mineral Oil Bleed Kit only.

Specifications of SRAM DB8 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Application(DB) MTB
Brake Type Hydraulic
Color(DB) Diffusion Black
Blade Material Aluminium-Stamped
Orientation Front, Rear
Pad Type(Disc) Steel-backed organic
Bracket(Disc Brake) Direct mount DIR
Reach Adjust Tooled
Contact Adjust No
Hydraulic Fluid SRAM Mineral Oil
Lever Pivot Bushing

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