WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired) | The Bike Affair

WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired)


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WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired)

The name says it all: ThickSlick. Built to withstand the harshest urban conditions, this tyre combines a durable casing with a sleek tread design that delivers the grip you need in the concrete jungle. With its iconic ThickSlick branding on the sidewall, this tyre represents unparalleled performance and style that sets it apart from the rest.

Durability for Urban Conditions: The ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre is designed to handle the demands of urban riding. Its burly casing is built to withstand rough surfaces, potholes, and debris commonly found in the city streets. Ride with confidence, knowing that your tyres can handle the challenges of the concrete jungle.

Slick Tread for Urban Grip: Featuring a slick tread design, the ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre provides the necessary bite and traction you need on urban roads. The smooth surface enhances rolling efficiency and reduces rolling resistance, allowing for faster speeds and a more enjoyable riding experience. Navigate the city with ease and confidence, knowing that your tyres have you covered.

Iconic Style and Performance: The iconic ThickSlick branding on the sidewall of these tyres represents more than just a name. It embodies the performance benefits and reliability that riders seek in their urban tyres. With ThickSlick, you can enjoy the perfect combination of style and function, making a statement while conquering the streets.

  • Usage: Urban
  • Conditions: Pavement

Features of WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired)

Slicker Than Slick: No-nonsense, slick design provides optimal traction on smooth concrete and rough streets. Smooth rubber allows the tread surface to conform to the roughness of urban asphalt without the presence of unnecessary knobs to slow you down.

Unbeatable Dependability: Thick rubber casing provides puncture protection from glass, pins, staples and any other urban unpleasantries you may find yourself pedaling through. ThickSlick gives you peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get from A to B without flatting out along the way.

Double The Rubber: ThickSlick tires feature twice the rubber which makes for a smoother ride through the natural absorption qualities of the material. Thicker rubber also results in a more supportive tire for wheelies or fixie skids.

Money-Saving Rubber: Twice the rubber tread also equates to twice the lifespan of an average tire. Increased tire longevity translates to more cash in your pocket. Twice the lifespan essentially means they're 50% off the price of the competition's tires.


    Specifications of WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired)

    Part Number W010-0611
    Size  700x28mm
    Level Comp
    ETRTO 28-622
    Tubeless Compatibility Inner tube required
    Casing Single-ply - Durable
    Weight 467 g
    Compound DNA
    Min-Max Pressure 60-100 psi

    Technologies of WTB ThickSlick Comp Urban Tyre 700x28c (Wired)

    DNA Compound: Our proprietary DNA Compound offers the ideal mix of rolling efficiency and traction on a wide range of riding conditons. Whether it's bright and sunny or pouring rain, this is the rubber that will provide traction and confidence to get you there fast. DNA Compound is renowned for being versatile and long-lasting.

    Available With Flat Guard: Flat Guard provides additional rubber throughout the entire casing and sidewall to deliver additional puncture protection while also ensuring it holds up to cornering on asphalt and even the occasional curb rub. Additionally, Flat Guard tires utilize an extra layer of rubber beneath the whole width of the tread to provide even more thickness in the region where the tires are most likely to encounter sharp, intrusive objects.

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