Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer | The Bike Affair

Wahoo Kickr V5 Smart Indoor Trainer


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Introducing the Wahoo Kickr Smart Indoor Trainer V5

The ultimate indoor training companion for cyclists. This refurbished current edition Kickr Power Trainer comes with a full two-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. Our team of Wahooligans has thoroughly tested and brought this product up to factory specifications. While there may be some cosmetic scratches or nicks, the performance remains top-notch.

Recreate the Outdoor Ride Feel: Experience the feeling of riding outdoors with the Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer V5. With the addition of Kickr AXIS Action Feet, this 2020 edition delivers a more realistic ride experience by mimicking the side-to-side movement encountered while cycling outdoors. The power accuracy has been enhanced to an impressive +/- 1%, ensuring precise power measurement. The specially engineered, heavier flywheel provides the exact inertia needed to replicate outdoor riding.

Unmatched Compatibility: The Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer V5 is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Wahoo ecosystem. It is compatible with the Kickr CLIMB indoor grade simulator, allowing you to experience ascents of up to 20% and descents of up to -10% for a true-to-life training session. Pair it with the Kickr Headwind Bluetooth and ANT+ powered fan for an immersive and comfortable indoor cycling experience. The trainer includes an 11-speed cassette for easy setup.


Features of Wahoo Kickr Smart Indoor Trainer V5

Race Mode over Direct Connect: Enjoy a more realistic riding and racing experience with faster power updates of up to 10 times per second, thanks to the 10Hz broadcast rate enabled through Kickr Direct Connect.

Side-to-Side Movement with Kickr AXIS Feet: The Kickr AXIS feet provide up to 5 degrees of side-to-side movement, allowing the trainer to respond naturally to changes in rider tempo and body position. Customize your ride feel with three stiffness options.

Power Accuracy: The Kickr Smart Trainer V5 boasts enhanced power accuracy of +/- 1% and can generate up to 2200W of resistance, ensuring precise and reliable power measurement.

Calibration-Free: With automatic calibration, the Kickr continuously offers accurate and precise power measurement without any manual intervention.

Optimized Flywheel Technology: The 16lb flywheel is specifically engineered to provide riders with the precise inertia required to replicate the outdoor ride feel during indoor training sessions.

Virtually Silent Operation: The belt motor drivetrain ensures a smooth and almost silent riding experience, allowing you to focus on your training without distractions.

Controlled Resistance: When connected to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the Kickr automatically adjusts the resistance according to your preferred app or software, providing a seamless and immersive training session.

Realistic Ride Feel: The Kickr's innovative flywheel technology emulates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding, delivering the most realistic ride feel, especially when using popular virtual riding platforms like SYSTM, Zwift, and Trainer Road.

Maximum Grade Simulation: The Kickr adjusts its resistance to simulate climbs with inclines of up to 20%, allowing you to tackle challenging routes from the comfort of your home.

Easy App Set-Up: Set up the Kickr effortlessly with the user-friendly Wahoo Fitness app, which provides step-by-step instructions for configuration and allows you to fine-tune your ride by pairing with third-party apps and sensors.

Wide Compatibility: The Kickr is compatible with various bike setups, including 12x142 and 12x148 thru-axle, as well as standard 130/135mm quick release. It also offers disc brake clearance and adjustable height based on wheel size.

Advanced Connectivity: The Kickr supports ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling simultaneous or separate connections to smartphones and GPS devices. With ANT+ FE-C, the KICKR can be controlled from any FE-C enabled device or application.

Multiple Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections: Enjoy a hassle-free start to your workout with the ability to connect up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously to the Kickr.

Professional Grade Durability: Built with robust steel construction, the KICKR ensures stability during intense workouts and is designed to withstand years of heavy use.

Comprehensive Metrics: Measure essential cycling metrics such as speed, distance, power, and cadence directly on the Kickr, eliminating the need for additional sensors.

Enhance Your Training Experience: Pair the Kickr with the Kickr Headwind for innovative climate control during your indoor sessions. As your speed or heart rate increases, the fan speed adjusts accordingly, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Seamless Integration: Connect the Kickr to any Elemnt Bike Computer to relive past rides or follow planned workouts effortlessly.

Expand Your Training: Pair the Kickr with the Kickr Climb indoor grade simulator to match ascents of up to 20% and descents of up to -10% with physical grade changes, taking your training to the next level.

App Compatibility: The Kickr works seamlessly with popular training apps like SYSTM and Zwift, providing a wide range of interactive and engaging workout options. For detailed app compatibility information, download our in-depth Kickr app comparison chart.

Third-Party Power Meter Support: The Kickr is compatible with third-party power meters, allowing you to use an alternative method for power measurement.

Active Feedback with Kickr AXIS: The Kickr AXIS technology offers immediate feedback by responding to changes in rider tempo and body position, providing a more engaging and dynamic indoor training experience.

Reduce Fatigue, Go Longer: The Kickr AXIS helps reduce fatigue during long and intense training sessions, allowing you to push harder and go longer.

Customizable Ride Experience: With independently tunable Kickr AXIS action feet, you can customize the trainer's responsiveness to match your unique riding style. Choose from three stiffness levels for a tuned ride experience.

Ultimate Ride Feel: When combined with the Kickr Climb and Kickr Headwind, the Kickr AXIS delivers the complete sensation and movement of outdoor riding into your virtual indoor rides and workouts.


Specifications of Wahoo Kickr Smart Indoor Trainer V5

Part Number  WFBKTR120
Kickr Version 5 (produced starting August 2020)
Shipping Weight 55 lb
Box Dims 26"L x 12"W x 22"H
Country of Origin Vietnam
Product Dimensions 20x28x17 in // 51x71x44 - Legs open configuration
Weight 47 lb // 22 kg
Drivetrain Belt Drive
Resistance Type Electromagnetic
Accuracy +/- 1%
Wireless Software Updates Yes, via the Wahoo Fitness app
Connectivity ANT+ FEC, Bluetooth
Max User Weight 250 lbs // 114 kg
Power Requirements 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz
Flywheel Weight: 16 lb // 7.3 kg
Maximum Simulated Grade +20
Minimum Simulated Grade -10
Maximum Power Output 2200 Watts
Rear Wheel Size 24" RD / 24" MTB / 650c RD / 26" MTB / 700c RD / 650b MTB / 29" MTB
Cassette Included 11 Speed with 11-28 ratio
Hub Types 130/135mm QR, 12x142, and 12x148 Thru Axle
Adapters Included
Kickr Climb Compatible Yes
RPM Speed & Cadence Not Required
Front Wheel Block Not Required
Disc Brake Clearance Yes
Supported Devices iPhone/iPad: iOS 13 or newer
Macos: BTLE enabled or pair with an ANT+ dongle
Windows PCS: BTLE enabled or when paired with ANT+ dongle
In The Box

Box Contents of Wahoo Kickr Smart Indoor Trainer V5

  • Kickr
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Quick Release Skewer
  • Drive Side Adapter for 130mm and 135mm QR
  • Reversible hub spacer for 130mm and 135mm QR
  • Drive Side Adapter for 12x142 and 12x148 Thru Axle
  • Reversible hub spacer for Thru Axle
  • AXIS Stiff and Easy Feet
  • Does not include 1.8mm spacer or paper manual.

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