Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair
Unived Gel - Pack of 6 | The Bike Affair

Unived Gel - Pack of 6

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Introducing Unived Gel - the sports energy gel that provides you with the energy and endurance support you need during intense activities. With its unbeatable combination of great taste, easy digestibility, and utmost portability, this gel is your go-to companion for peak performance.

Trusted Among Elite Athletes

Our Endurance Gels have gained worldwide recognition within the running & ultra-running community since 2015. Athletes love the lightness, refreshing taste, and effortless consumption. Unlike thick gels that require water to wash them down, Unived Gels are designed to slide down easily, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Fast-Acting Carbohydrates

Understanding the science behind energy metabolism, we've formulated Unived Gel to be your instant source of high-quality energy. Non-GMO Dextrose & Maltodextrin, high-GI carbohydrates, provide quick-releasing energy, fueling your performance when you need it most. Prevent sugar crashes and bonking with these nutrient-rich calories, maintaining optimal hydration levels throughout your activity.

Beta-Alanine for Enhanced Performance

Our gel features Beta-Alanine, the precursor to carnosine, an intracellular buffer that delays fatigue and improves exercise performance. With Unived Gel, push your limits and achieve peak results during your most intense workouts.

Boost Your Focus with Caffeine

Enhance your sports performance with the magical ingredient - Caffeine. Experience reduced perceived effort, increased mental alertness, and heightened focus, elevating your workout to new heights. Caffeine also encourages the use of fat as fuel, extending your endurance.

Rehydrate with Essential Electrolytes

Electrolytes play a vital role in sports performance, regulating the transport of nutrients, enzymes, and water in and out of cells. Our energy gel is designed to replenish major electrolytes lost through sweat and urine, preventing cramps, nausea, and fatigue. With added chloride and magnesium, unique to Unived Gel, maintain optimal body-water balance and proper muscle function throughout your activity.

Fuel Your Performance

Unived Gel ensures you never miss a beat during your activity. Conveniently carried in your gear, it's your ultimate energy boost for marathons, recreational sports, or any endurance pursuit. Load up on potassium for improved muscle performance, and enjoy the benefits of a fully energized body, no matter the distance.

  • 26 grams Hi-GI quick release carbohydrates and 110kcal per sachet
  • Water based, no GI-distress, light on your stomach
  • Used by Elite athletes Globally
  • Caffeine: 0mg, 35mg, 50mg, 100mg options
  • Made with love, in India

Usage Directions

Who should use the Unived Gel?

The Unived Gel is suitable for athletes across all endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket, hockey, swimming, as well as demanding competitions such as marathons, ultra-marathons, long-distance running, triathlons, and other activities that test your physical and mental strength.

Suggested use of Unived Energy Gel

Depending on the intensity and duration of your activity, one Unived Gel should be consumed 10 minutes before your activity. Thereafter, one packet every 30 minutes.

For each gel consumed, we highly recommend drinking 100-200ml of water or our Unived Elite Drink Mix after taking the gel. This facilitates dilution of the gel, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients immediately. Drinking water immediately after taking Unived Gel, also corrects any hydration imbalances, and helps ease any gastrointestinal distress that you might be experiencing due to the intensity of your activity.


The Unived Gel strictly adheres to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification, or confirmation (written or otherwise) of the same.

Unived Elite Endurance Fuel

The Unived Elite Endurance Fuel, includes the Unived Elite Drink Mix, Unived Elite Gel, and Unived Elite Recovery Mix. The Unived Elite Endurance is a series of cutting-edge sports nutrition products designed to meet the physiological needs of performance athletes at every stage of their activity.

While the Unived Elite Endurance Fuel products are designed to propel you during hard and long endurance activities, our Unived Gel and Unived Salt Caps complement the Elite Endurance products working together to fulfill your nutrition needs during your endurance activity.

When performances peak, passions soar, recreational sports turn competitive, and athletes become professionals. With Unived, the wind is at your back.

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