Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix
Unived Elite Hydration Mix

Unived Elite Hydration Mix

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Unived’s Elite Hydration Mix has been co-developed with Olympian & World elite runner Rachel Schneider as well as World Elite Trail Runner & Coach Sandi Nypaver.

It is formulated to provide hydration faster than water alone, by accelerating fluid uptake and delivering essential electrolytes.

Regardless if you are a marathon runner, involved in recreational sports or weekend sports enthusiast. This product is meant for you. It is formulated with a correct balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes and Betaine, which work in combination to restore lost nutrients and replenish energy levels to delay the onset of fatigue.

Key Benefits

  • Hydrates faster than plain water
  • Prevents dehydration and delays fatigue
  • Enhances absorption of fluids and electrolytes
  • Higher electrolyte and lower carbohydrate concentration
  • Low calorie and no added sweetener
  • Aids in water retention within the cells
  • Replenishes the lost nutrients due to dehydration
  • Maintains the pH during training

Suggested Use

One serving in 500ml of water. Drink before, during, post activity, and throughout the day.

Ingredients Per Serving:

Bare Naked – Sucrose, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Betaine Anhydrous, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Lime Buzz –Sucrose, Sodium Citrate, Sodim Chloride, Betaine Anhydrous, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Anhydrous Caffeine Extracted from Green Tea.

Serving Size2 scoops

How to Use:

  • Unived’s Elite Hydration Mix can be consumed before, during or post workouts.
  • Keep a bottle of Elite Hydration Mix available during the day and drink as often as desired.

Product Description:

Unived’s Elite Hydration mix is  Co-developed with World Elite Runner & Olympian Rachel Schneider as well as Elite Trail Runner & Coach Sandi Nypaver. It is a convenient, advanced hydration solution that is specifically formulated with the optimal balance of Carbohydrate, Electrolytes & Betaine, to enhance hydration and prevent dehydration and fatigue.

It promotes fluid absorption and replenishes the lost fluids and salts faster than plain water. The combination of electrolyte is sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium which are the nutrients that an athlete loses while performing an activity. Carbohydrates are added to assist in the sodium absorption and assimilation. Betaine is included for its ergogenic potential along with other benefits while sodium bicarbonate helps to balance the pH. The chosen ingredients work in synergy to recharge your system and help you sustain longer and perform better. The Elite Hydration mix restores the lost nutrients and delays the onset of fatigue while preventing dehydration.

Science behind Dehydration:

During exercise, practise or high intense activity/performance, substantial quantity of fluid is lost through excess sweating and expiration leading to dehydration. The fluid lost through sweat is often not replaced.

Exercise/performance induced sweating results in a greater loss of water than solute (electrolytes), which combined with inadequate fluid intake during exercise/ activity leads to an increase in extracellular osmolality. This creates a concentration gradient resulting in water movement from the intracellular space to extracellular space, causing cells to shrink.

This induces a cascade of physiological responses:

This induces a cascade of physiological responses: > Reduced muscle and cerebral blood flow.

> Increased body temperature.

> Increased heart rate.

> Increased cardiovascular strain.

> Increased muscle glycogenolysis.

These physiological responses act in combination to increase perception of effort at a given intensity thereby compromising and impairing performance.

Need for Unived Elite Hydration Mix:

When athletes sweat, they lose substantial amount of water along with certain amount of electrolytes (mostly sodium). Therefore, athletes drink water to rehydrate and replenish lost fluids. But this leads to diluted body fluids and creates water-electrolyte imbalance.

Therefore, water lost must be replaced with fluids containing electrolytes, carbohydrates to return to a healthy water – electrolyte balance in the body and to feel hydrated without diluting the body fluids.

Unived offers an Elite Hydration Mix with balanced and optimal ingredient composition that provides advanced hydration solution that is specially formulated to enhance hydration and prevent dehydration and fatigue.

Mode of Action:

Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates assists and enhances the assimilation of sodium through a mechanism called sodium-glucose co transport, which in turn favors water retention. Once a proper hydration status is maintained, the included carbohydrates delays the onset of fatigue during exercise. We incorporated just enough carbohydrate to keep the molecular team running smoothly.

Sodium: Sodium is a major ion in the extracellular fluid and is a critical electrolyte to prevent dehydration. It promotes better fluid uptake, helps maintain a greater fluid volume and lowers the urine output. Sodium also helps in retaining fluid more effectively in the cells and tissues.

Since it cannot pass through the small intestine unassisted, it has to be accompanied by a carbohydrate.

Chloride: Chloride works closely with sodium to regulate the body and water balance, helping you to retain water better. It also limits the amount of loss of hydration restores occurring through sweat and urine and maintains the necessary volume of fluid in the blood.

Potassium: Potassium is the major ion of the intracellular fluid and is involved in maintaining the body fluids. As a major electrolyte inside the body’s cell, potassium works in close association with sodium and chloride in maintaining body fluids and in generating electrical impulses in the nerves and muscles, including the heart.

Magnesium: Magnesium is the fourth most abundant cation in the body and the second most abundant cation in intracellular fluid. It is a cofactor for some 350 cellular enzymes, many of which are involved in energy metabolism. Magnesium deficiency directly impacts performance as it is important for transmission of nerve impulses, muscular contraction and energy production processes. It also has a direct impact on the utilization of sodium, potassium and calcium by the muscles. The longer and more intense your exercise, the faster the depletion of magnesium levels through sweat and urine. This depletion, if not corrected, causes muscle cramping, irregular heart rate and fatigue.

Betaine: As an osmolyte, betaine protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stress like- low water, extreme temperature, salinity and humidity. It does so by maintaining a balanced fluid environment inside and outside of cells. It also helps in the regulation of water balance and movement across the intestinal epithelium and is known to increase water retention in cells. Erythrocytes, the red blood cells that carry oxygen are also protected by Betaine from extreme hydration imbalances. It prevents erythrocytes from shriveling or bursting which can have damaging effects on the supply to the muscles, brain and heart. Betaine has ergogenic potential, it improves leg muscle endurance and quality of workout, and increases the quality of repetitions performed.

Sodium Bicarbonate: The acid Buildup inside muscles is one of the factors responsible for fatigue. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid buildup, thereby reducing fatigue and increasing performance. 

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