Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair
Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair
Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair
Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair
Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair
Unived Elite Drink Mix | The Bike Affair

Unived Elite Drink Mix

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Take your endurance activities to the next level with the Unived Elite Drink Mix. Specially formulated to fuel your body during long-lasting endeavors like cycling, running, ultra-running, triathlons, football, cricket, and more, this product is a game-changer for athletes seeking peak performance.

Optimal Energy & Electrolyte Balance

The Unived Elite line of products is tailored for activities lasting over two hours, providing the essential support your body needs. Our Elite Drink Mix and Elite Gels boast a perfect 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates. With 30 grams of simple carbohydrates and 15 grams of complex carbohydrates in each serving, you get a total of 45 grams of carbohydrates, delivering a powerful 190kcal boost.

Hydration & Electrolyte Replenishment

Stay hydrated and keep going with Unived Elite Drink Mix. As an isotonic sports drink, it maintains optimal hydration and fluid uptake throughout your endurance activity. The blend of body salts - sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride - replaces electrolyte losses, supports muscle protein synthesis, facilitates fluid uptake, and prevents muscle cramps.

Combat Fatigue & Enhance Endurance

Unived Elite Drink Mix contains Beta-alanine, a fatigue-reducing compound that supports your physical performance, enabling you to push your limits with confidence. Additionally, the key osmolyte in the mix maintains fluid balance, protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stresses like heat, and boosts energy levels for improved endurance.

Maximize Carbohydrate Transport

Our unique combination of Glucose and Fructose in a 2:1 ratio enables your body to transport carbohydrates at an impressive rate. While Glucose alone can be transported at 1 gram per minute, the co-ingestion of Glucose and Fructose raises the rate to 1.5 grams per minute, resulting in an incredible 90 grams per hour.

Elevate Your Performance

Make the Unived Elite Drink Mix an integral part of your training and performance routine. With its effective energy and electrolyte replenishment, you can stay on track, maintain focus, and conquer your goals, no matter the endurance challenge.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically prove 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates
  • 190kcal per gel, along with Betaine, Beta-alanine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and essential Electrolytes
  • For an Isotonic solution, blend with 20-27 fl oz (600-800ml) water
  • Co-developed with World Champion Camille Herron & Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks, along with crucial involvement from many of the Unived Elite Athletes

Isotonic & Hypertonic - Both

  • The new Elite Drink Mix is versatile and can be used as both a Pre & a During. For those of you who were accustomed to our previous RRUNN PRE and RRUNN DURING you can still get those results with just this one product.
  • For an isotonic solution, you want to mix one packet in 20-27 fl oz (600-800ml) water, with 750ml of water being ‘optimal’. An isotonic solution has the same osmolarity as water, and is ideal to ensure fluid and salt uptake. This is ideal to consume during your runs.
  • For a hypertonic solution, you want to mix one packet with 17 fl oz (250-350ml) water. A hypertonic solution has greater osmotic pressure than bodily fluids and is primarily intended to supply energy, like our RRUNN PRE. It’s ideal to consume this as a PRE, 45-60 minutes before your long runs or races.
  • If you consume a hypertonic solution during your races, you may feel the solution to be slightly heavy, in case you find it so, just add a little extra water to the bottle and it’ll tilt the solution to being isotonic.

Usage methods of Unived Elite Drink Mix

For an isotonic solution, mix 1 packet with 20-27 fl oz (600-800ml) of water. Consume 1 serving per hour, along with an Unived Elite Gel. This combination will deliver 380kcal, per hour

For a hypertonic solution, you want to mix one packet with 17 fl oz (250-350ml) water. Consume this 30-45minutes prior to your activity, or every 4-5hours during your activity.


Ingredients in Unived Elite Drink Mix

Betaine- Betaine is an osmoprotectant. It protects our cells against dehydration by acting as an osmolyte, thereby increasing the water retention of cells.

Beta-Alanine- Beta-Alanine increases skeletal muscle carnosine levels, this supports the maintenance acid-base balance, delay fatigue, and improve exercise performance.

Sodium Bicarbonate- Sodium Bicarbonate helps us by neutralizing this acid build-up and thereby reducing fatigue and increasing performance.

Electrolytes- Electrolytes are a key variable in determining sports performance as they mediate the constant transport of nutrients, enzymes, and water in and out of cells.

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