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Tripeak Pulley Kit Ceramic Bearing 12/18T Sram AXS-Gold


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Tripeak Pulley Kit Ceramic Bearing 12/18T

Tripeak Oversize Pulley Kit 12/18T, Ceramic Bearing Sram AXS, 12-Speed-Gold

Experience Unparalleled Drivetrain Performance

Transform your cycling experience with the Tripeak Pulley Kit Ceramic Bearing 12/18T. This meticulously crafted pulley kit is designed to optimize your bike's drivetrain, enhancing its efficiency and responsiveness. If you demand the best from your Sram AXS 12-speed system, this kit is your ticket to elevated performance.

Precision Ceramic Bearings The Tripeak Pulley Kit is equipped with top-tier ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings are known for their exceptional smoothness and low friction, translating every ounce of your effort into forward momentum. You'll feel the difference with every pedal stroke.

Oversize Pulleys for Enhanced Performance With larger 12/18T pulleys, this kit improves drivetrain performance. The oversize design reduces friction and ensures a seamless transfer of power. Your bike will respond more quickly to your input, resulting in an exhilarating riding experience.

Sram AXS Compatibility Specifically engineered for Sram AXS 12-speed systems, this kit ensures a perfect fit with your high-performance setup. If you demand the best from your bike, this pulley kit complements your drivetrain components perfectly.

Durable and Stylish The Tripeak Pulley Kit isn't just about performance; it's about style too. The sleek gold finish adds a touch of sophistication to your bike, making it stand out in the crowd.

Elevate Your Ride Don't settle for an average cycling experience. Upgrade your bike with the Tripeak Pulley Kit Ceramic Bearing 12/18T, and unlock its true potential. The enhanced efficiency, responsiveness, and style will redefine your time on the road.


Features ofĀ Tripeak Pulley Kit Ceramic BearingĀ 12/18T

  • Replacement Oversize Pulley Wheel Set 12/18T (Vs 11/11T in existing cage)
  • Oversize ceramic bearings for longer lifespan
  • For use in default/existing derailleur cage of SRAM - no need to change chain length
  • Molded composite material for superior durability than metal ones
  • Patented stopper pin for easy installation
  • Available in different colour cap
  • Size: 12T/18T
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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