Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) (15x24x5mm) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing | The Bike Affair
Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) (15x24x5mm) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing | The Bike Affair
Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) (15x24x5mm) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing | The Bike Affair

Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) (15x24x5mm) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing

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The Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing is a high-performance component designed to enhance your cycling experience. Tripeak is known for producing precision bearings, and this product is engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

ABEC5 Precision

This bearing is manufactured to ABEC5 standards, indicating an extremely high level of precision in its design and construction. ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee) ratings are used to assess bearing tolerance and precision, with ABEC5 being among the highest in the scale.

Hybrid Ceramic

This bearing features a hybrid ceramic construction, combining ceramic balls with steel races. Ceramic bearings are known for their lightweight and low friction properties, making them ideal for cycling applications where reducing rotational resistance is critical.

Smooth and Reliable Operation

The ABEC5 rating ensures smooth and consistent performance. These bearings minimize friction, providing excellent acceleration and responsiveness while cycling.

Optimal Dimensions

With an inside diameter of 15mm, an outside diameter of 24mm, and a width of 5mm, this bearing is designed to fit standard bicycle components, particularly hub assemblies.

Sealed Design

The bearing is equipped with a high-quality seal to protect it from contamination and maintain optimal lubrication during manufacturing and use. This seal contributes to the bearing's longevity and reliability.

High-Performance Material

The combination of ceramic balls and steel races provides exceptional performance characteristics, including reduced friction, high-speed capabilities, and resistance to wear.

Enhanced Durability

Ceramic bearings are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional steel bearings.


Features of Tripeak #6802 (ABEC5) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing

  • Equipped with TRiPEAK bearing - race proven performance
  • Low noise. High speed. High temperature resistance.
  • Both sides of the detachable single lip contact seal prevent contamination and maintain lubrication in the manufacturing process
  • Specifications of┬áTripeak #6802 (ABEC5) Hybrid Ceramic Hub Bearing

    Model No
    Size 15x24x5mm
    Inside Diameter (mm) 15
    Outside Diameter (mm) 24
    Width (mm) 5
    Bearing / Grade Si3N4 Ceramic Hybrid Bearing, ABEC5 grade
    Made in Taiwan

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