Supacaz Supalite MTB Grips | The Bike Affair
Supacaz Supalite MTB Grips | The Bike Affair

Supacaz Supalite MTB Grips


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Discover the World's Lightest High-Performance Grips

Introducing Supacaz Supalite Grips, where insane performance meets feather-light weight. Weighing in at just 9 grams, these grips are the epitome of cutting-edge technology and innovation. If weight savings are a top priority for you, then look no further – Supalite Grips are your go-to choice!

Unmatched Performance, Unbelievable Lightness

Supalite Grips redefine what is possible in grip design. Despite their ultra-lightweight construction, they deliver unmatched performance on every ride. Get ready for an extraordinary cycling experience as you enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, control, and precision that Supalite Grips offer.

Maximize Your Performance, Minimize Weight

For riders who constantly seek to optimize their performance and shave off every unnecessary gram, Supalite Grips are an ideal choice. The incredibly low weight ensures minimal impact on your bike's overall weight, helping you climb faster, accelerate quicker, and handle with precision.

Precision Engineering for Superior Handling

Supalite Grips are the result of precision engineering and meticulous design. Each aspect of these grips has been carefully considered to provide maximum grip and control. Conquer every trail, climb every peak, and power through every turn with the confidence that Supalite Grips bring to your ride.

Experience the Supacaz Difference

As with all Supacaz products, the Supalite Grips boast the brand's signature style and quality. With Supacaz, you not only get unrivaled performance but also the opportunity to personalize your bike with a wide range of vibrant colors to match your style and taste.

The Ultimate Choice for Weight-Conscious Cyclists

If you are a weight-conscious cyclist who refuses to compromise on performance, Supacaz Supalite Grips are the ultimate choice. Join the ranks of elite cyclists and experience the thrill of riding with the world's lightest high-performance grips.

Elevate Your Riding Experience with Supacaz Supalite Grips

Prepare to be amazed by the outstanding performance and incredible lightness of Supalite Grips. Unlock your full potential on the bike with these revolutionary grips that redefine what's possible. Enjoy the ride, push your limits, and embrace the Supacaz difference with Supalite Grips.


Specifications of Supacaz Supalite Grips

  • SupaLite Foam
  • 32mm Diameter
  • 130mm Length
  • UV Resistant
  • Latex Free
  • Weight: 0.04 kg
  • Dimensions: 22x11x3 cm

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