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SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block | The Bike Affair

SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block


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SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block: Essential Tool for Disc Brake Maintenance

Optimized for Disc Brake Calipers: The SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block is meticulously designed to enhance the brake bleeding process for disc brake systems. This essential tool fits snugly between the disc brake caliper pistons or pads, effectively preventing inward movement during maintenance. Its precise design ensures a perfect fit, making it an invaluable asset for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

Safeguarding Piston Integrity: One of the critical aspects of disc brake maintenance is ensuring the integrity of the caliper pistons. The SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block serves this purpose by holding the pistons in place, thereby protecting them from accidental compression or damage when the brake system is open and fluid is being replaced or air is being purged.

Simplifying the Bleeding Process: Brake bleeding can be a delicate process, requiring attention to detail to ensure that no air remains in the brake lines. The use of the SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block simplifies this procedure by providing a stable environment within the caliper. This stability is crucial for achieving an efficient and effective bleed, resulting in a brake system that performs optimally.

Universal Compatibility: As suggested by its name, the SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block is designed with a broad range of disc brake systems in mind. Its universal compatibility makes it a versatile tool, suitable for a wide array of bikes and brake setups. Whether you're working on a road bike, mountain bike, or any disc brake-equipped cycle, this bleeding block is up to the task.

A Must-Have for Disc Brake Maintenance: Regular brake maintenance is essential for safety and performance, and the SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block is a must-have tool for anyone looking to perform this maintenance with precision and confidence. Its design and functionality make it an indispensable part of your bike maintenance toolkit, ensuring that your disc brakes are always in top condition.

Elevate Your Maintenance Routine: Incorporate the SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block into your disc brake maintenance routine to experience a more straightforward, efficient, and effective bleeding process. With this tool, you're not just maintaining your brakes; you're ensuring the safety and performance of your entire ride.


Features of SRAM Universal Red Bleeding Block

  • For disc caliper repair
  • Universal fit
  • For bleeding hydraulic brakes

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