Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer
Smanie Saddle Explorer

Smanie Saddle Explorer

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EX Sport

The Explorer – #smanieexplorersclub. Is designed to do one thing above all else and that is to give you the ability to ride your bike to places you never thought possible. The EX has ample padding that is just as good at taming the harsh gravel roads as they are the cobbles and potholes of the city.  It was designed with a cut-out to prevent numbness on those multi-day epic bikepacking rides and has been tested on legendary routes like the Oregon Outback and Allegheny Mountains Loop. The best of all is that it is at a price that won’t break the bank and weighs in at the same weight as similar saddles with Chromoly rails. So, get out and do what you love to do most, explore, and know that the EX will have your back throughout the entire journey.

Extra Padding for Extra Comfort

18mm of plush padding to be exact. The Smanie EX series saddle comes with ample padding in the sit-bone region and on the nose, to give you extra comfort in a medium posture riding position that most adventure riders use.


It is at Smanie’s core to always be pushing the limits as to what we can do to make our saddles more environmentally friendly. We start by producing all of our products from recycled materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails, and even our packaging.

Modern Shape

The EX is a modern saddle for a modern style of riding. Bikes are taking people to some of the most breathtaking places on the planet and while these explorers endure exposure to elements and mother nature, enduring saddle discomfort is not something they signed up for. Featuring a generous cut-out with soft edges to facilitate blood flow and limit numbness the EX is 267mm long by 155 mm wide – not too short and not too wide.

Cash is king

The EX comes in at a price that won’t break the bank. Some high-end saddles finishing material can fade, discolor or look worn after several seasons of use, the EX is designed to stay looking like new after miles and years of riding. The longevity of the saddle comes from our use of a PU cover and PU foam to help keep the money in your pocket and you on the road or trail.

Riding Posture: Medium/Endurance

Saddle Details

Suggested Discipline

Commuter, Cross Country, Cyclocross, Downhill, E-bike, Enduro, Mountain Bike, Road, Sport Series, Touring

Length 267mm
Cover Material PU
Padding Material PU foam
Shell Material PP
Channel Depth 18mm

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