Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain | The Bike Affair
Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain | The Bike Affair
Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain | The Bike Affair

Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain


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Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain

XTR - 12-Speed - Hyperglide+ - SIL-TEC - MTB Chain

Unleash Your Off-Road Potential: Step into a world of ultimate performance with the Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain. Designed exclusively for Shimano's groundbreaking XTR M9100 12-speed MTB groupset, this chain sets the new standard for off-road excellence. Get ready to conquer any trail with enhanced chain retention and exceptional durability.

Precision Crafted for Peak Performance: The CN-M9100 chain is the result of meticulous engineering, crafted to deliver flawless performance on the toughest terrains. Its hyperglide+ design guarantees rapid and smooth gear changes, allowing you to navigate technical sections with ease and finesse. Embrace the advantage of precision in every pedal stroke.

Unmatched Chain Retention for Confident Riding: Maintain unshakable chain retention with the CN-M9100's extended inner plate. This revolutionary feature ensures your chain stays securely engaged, eliminating worries of chain drops during intense rides. Stay in control, unleash your speed, and dominate the trails without hesitation.

Quick-Link Assembly for Effortless Maintenance: Simplify your bike maintenance with the CN-M9100's quick-link assembly. No more time-consuming chain installations or messy procedures. Experience the convenience of tool-free assembly, and spend more time riding the trails you love.

Sil-Tec Treatment for Unrivaled Durability: The Shimano XTR CN-M9100 chain is built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. Its SIL-TEC treatment reduces friction and enhances durability, ensuring your chain can handle the challenges of rough trails without compromising performance. Take on new adventures without worrying about premature wear – this chain is ready for the long haul.


Features of Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain

Smooth and Comfortable Driving, Anywhere: No matter how rough the terrains get, the CN-M9100 chain ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Glide effortlessly through challenging trails, knowing your chain will handle it all.

Unrivaled Chain Retention for Ultimate Confidence: With firm grip on both the front and cassette sprockets, the CN-M9100 chain offers unrivaled chain retention. Say goodbye to worries of chain drops, and ride with ultimate confidence.

Enhanced Shifting Performance for Precision Riding: Experience lightning-fast gear changes with the CN-M9100 chain. Every shift is swift and precise, allowing you to fine-tune your riding experience with ease.

Designed for the Latest Drivetrain Generation: Stay ahead with the latest drivetrain technology. The CN-M9100 chain is designed for compatibility with the latest generation of drivetrains, ensuring optimal performance.

Effortless Maintenance with Quick-Link (SM-CN910-12): Chain maintenance is made easy with the CN-M9100's quick-link assembly (SM-CN910-12). Connect and remove your chain effortlessly, reducing downtime and enhancing your biking pleasure.

Simplified Chain Assembly with Quick Assembly Tool (TL-CN10) Compatibility: Pair the CN-M9100 chain with the quick assembly tool (TL-CN10), streamlining chain assembly and making setup a breeze.

SIL-TEC Treatment for Durability and Reduced Friction: Experience off-road durability like never before with the SIL-TEC treatment. Reduced friction ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of your chain.

Hyperglide+ Design for Swift and Smooth Gear Changes: Embrace the superior riding experience offered by the Hyperglide+ design. Swift and smooth gear changes make your ride more enjoyable and efficient.

Exclusively Compatible with XTR M9100: Designed exclusively for Shimano's revolutionary 12-speed MTB groupset, the CN-M9100 chain perfectly complements the XTR M9100, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.


      Specifications of Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain

      Model No
      Series XTR M9100 Series
      Average Weight 242
      Remarks Quick-Link
      Chromizing Treatment Roller Link Pin Yes
      Type HG 12-speed
      Hollow Pin Yes
      Pin Link Plate Sil-Tec
      Roller Sil-Tec
      Roller Link Plate Chromizing
      E-BIKE Rear Derailleur System Compatible



      Technologies of Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed Chain


      Shimano’s ultra-low friction surface treatment

      Superior to simple coating, Sil-Tec is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. SIL-Tec products run smoother and wear longer in all conditions.


      HG Chain Design For Hyperglide+: Hyperglide+ dedicated chain delivers greater chain retention, improved shifting efficiency, and smoother transmission over rough terrain.

      Benefits & Features:

      • Improved chain retention encourages more aggressive all-terrain riding and relieves chain-issue anxiety.
      • Smoother drivetrain transmission and enhanced shifting performance sharpens riders’ concentration and improves acceleration.
      • Better chain engagement cuts abrasion, reduces maintenance, and lengthens the lifespan of the chain.

      Revamped HG chain features an extended inner link plate that connects seamlessly with new chainring tooth shape for ultra-efficient drivetrain performance.

      This design change reduces the vibrations normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the chainring, and provides better chain engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling.

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