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Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed

Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed


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Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed

Shimano GRX - Front Derailleur - Gravel - 2x11-speed

Lighter and Ergonomic Shifting: The Shimano GRX RX-810-F front derailleur provides lighter and more precise shifting operation. Its ergonomic power curve ensures smooth and responsive gear changes, allowing you to maintain momentum and tackle challenging terrain with ease.

New Link Construction for Easy Setup: With its new link construction and integrated cable tensioner, the RX-810-F front derailleur offers easier setup and precise adjustment. You can fine-tune the derailleur's performance to suit your riding style, ensuring optimal shifting performance every time.

Wider Tire Clearance and Chainline Design: Designed for mixed-terrain riding, the RX-810-F front derailleur features a 2.5mm outboard chainline design. This allows for wider tire clearance, enabling you to ride with confidence on various surfaces without worrying about tire rub or clearance issues.

Expanded Front Gearing Options: The RX-810-F front derailleur accommodates a 17T front chainring range, providing wider gearing options. Whether you prefer a wider gear range for steep climbs or faster speeds on flat terrain, this derailleur allows you to customize your front gearing to match your riding preferences.

Precise Adjustment and Multiple Cable Routing Options: Fine-tuning the front derailleur's performance is made easy with precise adjustment capabilities. Additionally, the RX-810-F offers more cable routing options, ensuring compatibility with different bike frames and cable configurations.


Features of Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed

Specifically Designed for Gravel Riding: engineered with gravel riding in mind, offering the performance and reliability needed for challenging off-road terrains.

Lighter and Ergonomic Shifting Operation: Its design ensures a lighter and ergonomic shifting operation, enhancing your overall riding experience.

New Link Construction for Easy Setup and Adjustment: Features a new link construction, simplifying the setup and adjustment process. Enjoy hassle-free installation and precise tuning to achieve optimal shifting performance.

Wide Tire Clearance with 2.5mm Outboard Chainline Design: Offers generous tire clearance, allowing you to use wider tires for improved stability and traction on gravel roads. The 2.5mm outboard chainline design ensures proper chain alignment.

Accommodates a 17T Front Chainring Range for Wider Gearing Options: To accommodate a 17T front chainring range, the FD-RX810 provides wider gearing options, allowing you to tackle a variety of inclines and gradients with ease.

Precise Adjustment and Multiple Cable Routing Options: The FD-RX810 also offers multiple cable routing options, providing flexibility in cable management.


    Specifications of Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed

    Model No  FD-RX810-F
    Series GRX 11-speed
    Color Series color
    Average Weight 96
    Front Speeds 2
    Rear Speeds 11
    Compatible Chain Linkglide, HG 11-speed
    Action|Down Swing Yes
    Mount|Brazed-On Yes
    Cable Adjust Yes
    Chain Line (mm) 47
    Chain Stay Angle (deg.) 63-66
    Top Gear Teeth 46-48T
    Total Capacity 17T
    Link Bushings 7

    Technology of Shimano GRX FD-RX810 Front Derailleur 11 Speed

    SIS Shimano Index System:

    SIS Rear Index Shifting System: The system constituents such as the index mechanism built in the shifter, the frictionless SIS rear index shifting cable and the smooth action rear derailleur realize the Shimano Index System.

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