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Shimano FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring


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Shimano FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring

Unleash Your Cycling Potential: Take your cycling performance to new heights with the Shimano FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring. Crafted for cyclists seeking enhanced power and efficiency, this front chainring delivers the precision and reliability you need to conquer any challenge on the road.

Efficiency Redefined - Double Front Chainring: Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with the double front chainring design. The Shimano FC-R7000 ensures seamless gear transitions, enabling you to maintain a steady cadence and optimize your pedaling efficiency. Conquer inclines and sprints with ease, and unlock your true cycling potential.

50T-MS Chainring - Perfect Compatibility: Enhance your gearing setup with the 50T-MS chainring, designed to complement 50-34T configurations in an elegant silver finish. With impeccable precision, this chainring seamlessly fits your Shimano FC-R7000 crankset, providing a reliable and smooth riding experience.

Compatible with Shimano 105 R7000 Series: The Shimano FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring is part of the prestigious Shimano 105 R7000 Series, known for its exceptional performance and quality. Embrace the technological excellence that empowers cyclists to surpass their limits and achieve greatness.

11-Speed for Versatility: Unleash the full potential of your cycling capabilities with the 11-speed compatibility of this chainring. Whether you're racing on the flats or tackling challenging terrains, the Shimano FC-R7000 ensures seamless gear changes and a wide range of speeds to suit your every need.


Features of Shimano FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring

Double Front Chainring Design for Enhanced Efficiency: Features a double front chainring design, optimizing efficiency during gear shifting. Experience smooth and precise gear transitions for improved cycling performance.

50T-MS Chainring for 50-34T Compatibility (Silver Finish): It is specifically designed for 50-34T compatibility, offering a versatile gear range suitable for various road cycling conditions. The silver finish adds a sleek and stylish appearance to your bike.

Perfectly Compatible with Shimano FC-R7000 Cranksets: The FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring is perfectly compatible with Shimano FC-R7000 cranksets, ensuring a seamless fit and reliable performance.

Part of the Esteemed Shimano 105 R7000 Series:  FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring upholds the high standards of quality and performance associated with Shimano's renowned 105 components.

11-Speed Capability for Versatile Performance: Designed for 11-speed drivetrains, the FC-R7000 50T-MS Chainring offers versatile performance with a wide range of gear options, making it suitable for tackling various road terrains and gradients.

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