Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720 | The Bike Affair
Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720 | The Bike Affair

Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720


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Secure Your Wheels with Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720

Upgrade your modern disc brake bicycle with the reliable and secure Shimano SM-AX720 E-Thru Axles. Designed for the front and rear, these axles offer ease of use and wheel-fixing security, providing peace of mind during your cycling adventures.

Quality Materials and Internal Cam Mechanism: Crafted with top-quality materials, the SM-AX720 E-Thru Axles ensure durability and longevity, standing up to the demands of rigorous cycling. Shimano's internal cam mechanism further enhances the axles' performance, ensuring a secure and precise fit.

Convenient Front and Rear Fitment: The SM-AX720 E-Thru Axles are available in 100x12 mm for the front and 142x12 mm for the rear, providing compatibility with modern disc brake bicycles. Achieve a hassle-free installation and experience optimal wheel fixing with these well-designed axles.

Replaceable Threaded Inserts for Lever Position Adjustment: The right fixing nut versions of the E-Thru Axles come equipped with replaceable threaded inserts. These inserts allow you to adjust the lever position to suit your preference, providing added convenience and customization options.


Features of Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720

Simple and Clean Appearance: Adding a touch of elegance to your bike's overall design. These axles seamlessly integrate into your bicycle, providing a sleek and stylish look.

12mm E-THRU Axle: These axles offer robust and stable performance, ensuring a secure fitment and reliable wheel fixation for your modern disc brake bicycle.

Easy Set-Up: Installing and using these axles is a hassle-free process, saving you time and effort during maintenance and wheel adjustments.

Lever Position Adjustable: This convenient feature allows you to customize the lever's placement, accommodating your preferred riding style and hand position.

Integrated Adjusting System: This system ensures optimal lever performance and user comfort.

Stable Fixing Power:Experience stable and reliable fixing power with the SM-AX720 E-Thru Axles.

Cam Lever Fixing System: The cam lever fixing system delivers a secure and firm connection, minimizing any potential wheel movement during rides.


Specifications of Shimano E-Thru Axles SM-AX720

Model No  SM-AX720-100x12 (Front) & SM-AX720-142x12 (Rear)
Series Metrea U5000 Series
Average Weight 65 (Front) & 74 (Rear)
Thru Axle (Length X Inner Diameter ; mm) Front: 100 x 12 & Rear: 142 x 12
Lever Position Adjustment|Hexagon Wrench Type Yes
Axle|Thread Pitch M12 x 1.5
Axle|Length (mm) 121 (Front) & 163 (Rear)
Axle|Hollow axle Yes

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