Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette | The Bike Affair
Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette | The Bike Affair
Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette | The Bike Affair

Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette


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Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette: Conquer Varied Terrain with Precision

The Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed Cassette is a powerhouse of performance designed to handle the challenges of diverse terrains in drop bar riding. Engineered with precision, durability, and a wide gear range, this cassette empowers cyclists to conquer everything from flat sprints to challenging climbs. Explore the features that make the CS-HG710-12 a reliable choice for cyclists seeking versatility and optimal gearing.

Wide Gear Range (11-36T):

The 12-speed cassette features a wide gear range of 11-36T, providing cyclists with a versatile selection of gear ratios to navigate varied terrains. From high-speed sprints on flat surfaces to demanding ascents, the CS-HG710-12 ensures that riders can find the ideal gear ratio for every riding scenario. The expansive gear range of 327% offers flexibility and adaptability on the road.

Optimized Gear Steps for Efficiency:

The gear steps of the CS-HG710-12 are carefully optimized to enhance pedaling efficiency. The first eight cogs are strategically designed to establish a natural and comfortable connection, promoting smooth transitions between gears during regular pedaling. The larger four cogs offer a broad range of gears, allowing cyclists to easily select the appropriate ratio without experiencing abrupt changes in gear ratios.

Precision Engineering for Reliable Performance:

Shimano's commitment to precision engineering is evident in the CS-HG710-12. Each component is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the cassette delivers reliable and consistent performance over the long term. Whether you're pushing the limits during a race or embarking on a challenging endurance ride, the CS-HG710-12 is designed to meet the demands of varied riding conditions.

Smooth Shifting and Durability:

The 12-speed cassette is engineered to facilitate smooth and precise shifting, allowing cyclists to effortlessly transition between gears. This seamless shifting performance contributes to an enhanced riding experience, especially during critical moments such as sprints or climbs. The durable construction of the CS-HG710-12 ensures that it can withstand the rigors of demanding riding conditions.

Ideal for Drop Bar Riding:

Tailored for drop bar riding, the Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 is a cassette that complements the needs of cyclists who favor a more aerodynamic and versatile riding position. Whether you're navigating through urban environments, conquering gravel paths, or participating in road cycling events, this cassette offers the gearing solutions needed for success.


Features of Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette

Refined 12-Step Gear Combination: The Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 features a carefully designed 12-step gear combination. This refinement optimizes the gear ratios to provide peak efficiency, enabling smooth transitions and responsive pedaling. Whether climbing, descending, or cruising on flat terrain, each gear step is thoughtfully crafted for an enhanced riding experience.

Peak Efficiency: Unleash the power of your pedaling with a cassette that maximizes efficiency. The Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 is engineered to ensure that every pedal stroke translates into optimal power output, allowing you to tackle challenging terrains and achieve your cycling goals with ease.

Accelerating Performance: Enjoy the thrill of accelerating with confidence. This cassette is designed to enhance your bike's acceleration performance, making it ideal for riders who seek quick and responsive shifts. Whether sprinting or picking up speed on the flats, the CS-HG710-12 has you covered.

Compatibility with 12-Speed and Road 11-Speed FREEHUB Body: The versatility of the Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 extends to its compatibility. This cassette seamlessly fits new 12-speed FREEHUB bodies, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology. Additionally, it is backward compatible with road 11-speed FREEHUB bodies, providing adaptability to a range of setups.


Specifications of Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette

Model No  CS-HG710-12
Series Shimano 105 R7100 Di2 Series
Type HG
Rear Speeds 12
Compatible Chain HG 12-Speed
Combination Name (Group Name) 11-36T
Combination * Titanium Gear|1 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36T
Spline Type|HG Spline L2 (ROAD 12-speed Dedicated) Yes
Aluminum Spider Arm|QTY (pcs) 1
Titanium Gear|QTY (pcs) 0
Aluminum Gear|QTY (pcs) 0
Steel Gear|QTY (pcs) 12

Technology of Shimano 105 CS-HG710-12 12-Speed 11-36T Cassette

HG Hyperglide:

HG Cassette

The distinctively designed Hyperglide cassette incorporate specially positioned shift ramps and tooth profiles for improved chain control during shifting. Fast and responsive indexed shifting is the result.

The HG cassette, which was developed for the MTB 10-speed system, underwent comprehensive optimization to achieve super-highly efficient shifting.

Guide the chain quickly and directly to the next sprocket without override.

Conventional Cassette

Cause the chain to ride up and over the gear teeth before engaging the sprocket.

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