Schwalbe SV 19 MTB Presta Tube | The Bike Affair
Schwalbe SV 19 MTB Presta Tube | The Bike Affair

Schwalbe SV 19 MTB Presta Tube


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Experience the pinnacle of quality and reliability with the SV 19 MTB Presta Tube from Schwalbe. Crafted to the exacting Schwalbe quality standards, this bicycle tube is your guarantee of a smooth and worry-free ride.

Quality Standard

Schwalbe sets the gold standard for bicycle tubes, and the SV 19 MTB Presta Tube is no exception. Each tube undergoes rigorous testing, including 24 hours of inflation and individual visual inspections. This meticulous quality control ensures that every tube meets the highest standards.

Pure Rubber Compound

Beyond just quality, the purity of the rubber compound is critical to tube performance. Schwalbe's commitment to excellence means that the basic material for these tubes is passed through seven filters under immense pressure. This process guarantees not only the quality of the ingredients but also a consistent wall thickness and superior air retention.


Schwalbe tubes are synonymous with reliability. Designed to withstand the demands of the road, they're your trusted companion for countless rides. These tubes meet the demands of both everyday cycling and challenging terrains, ensuring you can rely on them for every journey.

Nickel-Plated Valves

Practicality meets durability with nickel-plated, threaded valves. They're built to last and allow for easy replacement of the valve core, adding to the longevity of your tube.

Pressure Inspection

For your peace of mind, Schwalbe tubes with classic bicycle valves come equipped with a high-pressure valve core. This design allows you to easily inspect your tube's pressure, so you're always ready to roll.

Stylish Dust Cap

Schwalbe pays attention to the details. Every tube includes a sleek, transparent polycarbonate dust cap as an external indicator of quality.

VSF Quality Stamp

The Schwalbe tube proudly carries the "VSF all ride" quality stamp. VSF represents an association of dedicated and quality-oriented German bicycle dealers, and this stamp is your assurance of a top-tier product.

Features of Schwalbe SV 19 MTB Presta Tube

  • Features a Presta Valve which has been chemically bonded to the tube for optimal air pressure retention for a smooth riding experience.
  • Each individual Schwalbe tube is inflated and placed into a specifically designed mould and put through a vulcanising process to ensure an even wall thickness for exceptional air pressure retention.
  • High quality, Butyl rubber composite tube for ultimate durability and a long life span.
  • Suitable for bikes with tyres:
    27.5*2.00 - 27.5*40. 
    28*1.50    - 28*1 1/2
    29*1.75 - 29*2.4

Specifications of Schwalbe SV 19 MTB Presta Tube

Size ETRTO 40/62-584/635
Type Butyl
Valve Type SV Presta
Removable Core Yes
Valve Length 40 mm
Weight Approx. 220g.

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