Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer | The Bike Affair
Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer | The Bike Affair
Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer | The Bike Affair

Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer


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Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer

Advanced Material for Enhanced Performance

Experience the next level of cycling comfort with the Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer, crafted from polypropylene Nilit Innergy mesh. This innovative material not only provides exceptional breathability and moisture management but also features unique properties that enhance your performance and recovery.

Seamless and Hypoallergenic Construction

Designed with comfort in mind, this baselayer is seamless and made using hypoallergenic polypropylene yarn, ensuring that it remains irritation-free, even during extended periods of wear. This seamless design enhances comfort by eliminating any potential friction points, allowing you to focus solely on your ride.

Energy Reflecting Technology

One of the most remarkable features of this baselayer is its ability to reflect the thermo-energy generated by the body back into the skin tissues as far infrared (FIR) rays. This advanced technology not only helps in enhancing performance by maintaining muscle warmth but also speeds up recovery, making it an excellent choice for both active rides and post-ride recovery phases.

Lightweight and Ultra-Soft

Despite its range of features, the Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer is incredibly light and soft, fitting like a second skin. This lightweight nature ensures that it doesn’t weigh you down or bulk up under your cycling jersey, maintaining a streamlined silhouette.

Optimal Fit for Maximum Comfort

The fit of this baselayer is designed to be snug yet comfortable, conforming closely to your body to provide maximum contact with the skin. This close fit enhances the baselayer's ability to manage moisture and regulate body temperature effectively.

Versatile for All Weather Conditions

Although it's particularly beneficial in cooler weather due to its energy-reflecting properties, this baselayer's moisture-wicking capabilities make it suitable for use in warmer conditions as well. It helps keep the body dry and cool by drawing sweat away from the skin, making it a versatile choice for all weather conditions.

Durable and Easy to Care For

Built to last, the Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer is not only durable but also easy to maintain. It can be machine washed and dries quickly, ready to be worn again on your next ride without losing any of its functional properties.

A Must-Have for Serious Cyclists

Whether you are training for a competition or enjoying a leisurely ride, this baselayer is a valuable addition to your cycling apparel. It provides a combination of performance enhancement, comfort, and recovery support that can significantly improve your cycling experience.

The Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer is a high-tech, performance-oriented garment that supports cyclists in pushing their limits while providing the comfort and recovery aid needed for frequent rides.


Specifications of Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer

Gender  Men
Sleeve Short Sleeve
Fit Slim Fit
Zipper Type No Zipper
UV Protection Yes
Pocket NA
Temp Range +18/+35
Country of Origin Italy
Care Instructions

How to take care of your Santini Mesh Short Sleeve Baselayer

Here are a few of the secrets that we've learned over the years to keep your kit performing at its best and last longer.

  • Wash it at 30°C / 86°F
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Avoid the tumble drier
  • Avoid using washing powder, favor liquid detergent
  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Wash similar colours together
  • Wash straight away
  • Do not iron

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