Santini Karma Kinetic Bibshort


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Santini Karma Kinetic Bibshort: Ride with Passion and Performance

Introducing the Santini Karma Kinetic Bibshort, the perfect companion for cyclists who ride purely for the love of the sport. Designed with a classic Italian fit, Santini style, and durability, the Karma Kinetic bib shorts are built to enhance your performance and provide the utmost comfort. Experience the freedom to ride unencumbered and make the most of your summer cycling adventures.

Perfect Fit for Optimal Performance

The Karma Kinetic Bibshort is crafted with high elasticity, compact Italian fabric featuring power compression technology. This fabric offers a medium compression level without restricting your movements, providing a comfortable fit that supports your muscles. The printed leg gripper ensures the bib shorts stay securely in place, allowing you to focus on your ride without distractions.

Extreme Comfort and Breathability

We prioritize your comfort, which is why the Karma Kinetic Bibshort is designed with bibs made from PolartecĀ®'s Delta fabric. This innovative material facilitates a fast transmission of sweat away from your body, promoting rapid drying and excellent breathability. Stay cool and dry even during intense rides, allowing you to perform at your best without discomfort.

Anti-Shock Protection for Endurance Rides

The Karma Kinetic Bibshort features the GITevo chamois with a gel core, offering exceptional anti-shock protection for long rides. The gel core absorbs shocks steadily and gradually, providing continuous comfort and reducing fatigue. Ride with confidence and experience enhanced support throughout your journey.

Key Features:

  • High elasticity, compact Italian fabric with power compression technology for a perfect fit
  • Printed leg gripper to keep the bib shorts securely in place
  • Bibs made with PolartecĀ®'s Delta fabric for rapid sweat transmission and excellent breathability
  • GITevo chamois with gel core for anti-shock protection and long-lasting comfort
  • Classic Italian fit with Santini style and durability
  • Perfect for summer rides and cycling enthusiasts

Elevate your cycling experience with the Santini Karma Kinetic Bibshort. Enjoy the perfect fit, extreme comfort, and anti-shock protection that allows you to ride with passion and performance. Trust in Santini's commitment to quality and durability, ensuring that every detail is taken care of, so you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of cycling.

Care Instructions

How to take care of your Santini Karma Kinetic Bibshort

  • How to take care of your Santini cycling and triathlon wear
  • Here are a few of the secrets that we've learned over the years to keep your kit performing at its best and last longer.
  • Wash it at 30Ā°C / 86Ā°F
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Avoid the tumble drier
  • Avoid using washing powder, favor liquid detergent
  • Turn the garment inside outĀ 
  • Wash similar colours together
  • Wash straight away
  • Do not iron