Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket | The Bike Affair
Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket | The Bike Affair
Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket | The Bike Affair
Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket

Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket


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Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket: Embrace the Elements in Style

Prepare to conquer wet and mild conditions with the Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket. This fitted rain jacket is not just a shield against the rain but a stylish and functional accessory for your cycling adventures. Explore the features that make this jacket a must-have for cyclists who demand protection without compromising on style and comfort.

Weather-Ready Design:

The Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket is meticulously crafted for mild temperatures and wet conditions. Santini's commitment to performance is evident in the jacket's fully thermo-sealed construction, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable during rainy rides. Embrace the elements with a jacket designed to keep you at your best, regardless of the weather.

Ergonomic Cut for Optimal Fit:

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the ergonomically cut design of this rain jacket. The fit is tailored to the needs of cyclists, providing freedom of movement while maintaining a sleek and streamlined appearance. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a jacket designed for the demands of cycling.

Pocketable Convenience:

Versatility is key, and the Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket delivers by being easily pocketable. Whether the rain catches you by surprise or you need to shed a layer during your ride, the jacket's pocketable design ensures that you can carry it with ease. Convenience meets practicality for a jacket that adapts to your cycling lifestyle.

Complete Thermo-Sealed Protection:

Santini leaves no room for compromise when it comes to protection. The Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket is fully thermo-sealed, leaving no opportunity for rain to penetrate. Enjoy the assurance that comes with a jacket that provides comprehensive protection, allowing you to focus on the ride ahead.

Style Meets Functionality:

While the Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket is a high-performance piece of cycling gear, it doesn't sacrifice style. Santini understands the importance of aesthetics in cycling apparel, and this jacket reflects that ethos. Elevate your cycling wardrobe with a rain jacket that seamlessly combines style and functionality.

Embrace Rainy Rides with Santini:

Santini is a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and a passion for cycling. The Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket is a testament to Santini's commitment to providing cyclists with gear that enhances their riding experience, regardless of the weather.

5000 mm water column:

This garment is 5,000mm waterproof. This means that a test has been conducted where a long tube is placed over the fabric and the tube is then filled with water. 5,000mm or 5 metres (16.4 ft) is how far you could fill the tube before water would start to leak through the fabric. So in theory, you could stand out in the rain until 5,000mm of rain fell before you would start getting wet.


Features of Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket

  • 100% Rain Protection: 100% waterproof with double-layer Grimpeur fabric and thermo-welded seams for the best protection during wet rides.
  • Aerodynamic Fit: Ultra-light and aerodynamic design. Ergonomically-cut waterproof sleeve cuffs and super-elastic make Guard Nimbus the perfect racing jacket.
  • High-Vsibility: Reflective dots on chest plus reflective Santini logo on the back to ensure maximum safety in low visibility.
  • Extra Waterproof Storage: Zippered and waterproof side pocket.
  • Pocketable and Eco-Friendly Packaging: Guard Numbus can be easily folded into its zipped back pocket so you can carry it with you during your rides. This system is also used as the product's packaging, reducing plastic waste.

Specifications of Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket

Gender  Men
Sleeve Length Full-Sleeve
Fit Sleek Fit
Pockets Yes
Reflective Element -
Temperature Range +5/+15
Country of Origin Italy
Care Instructions

Care Instructions of Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket

How to take care of your Santini cycling and triathlon wear

Here are a few of the secrets that we've learned over the years to keep your kit performing at its best and last longer.

  • Wash it at 30°C / 86°F
  • Use the new Santini Power Clean Sport detergent, totally biodegradable and dermatologically tested
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Avoid the tumble drier
  • Avoid using washing powder, favor liquid detergent
  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Wash similar colours together
  • Wash straight away
  • Do not iron

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