Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C | The Bike Affair
Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C | The Bike Affair
Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C | The Bike Affair

Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C

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The Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C is a remarkable innovation born from Pirelli's extensive expertise, incorporating the reliability of SmartNETâ„¢ Silica and the durability of Armour Techâ„¢ technologies. This advanced clincher tire has been meticulously engineered to offer a unique combination of features, making it an ideal choice for long-distance cycling across diverse terrains.

Armour Techâ„¢ Construction - Unmatched Protection:

The Cinturato TLR 700*26C boasts the Armour Techâ„¢ construction, a groundbreaking design that integrates a high-density Nylon layer extending from bead to bead, an aramid breaker, and aramid fibers distributed throughout the tread. This innovative combination ushers in a new era of protection against the most challenging road conditions. This tire provides cyclists with unmatched confidence when tackling rough roads.

SmartNETâ„¢ Silica Rubber Compound - Safety and Performance:

Engineered with the SmartNETâ„¢ Silica rubber compound, the Cinturato TLR 700*26C ensures safe rides and exceptional handling, even in the harshest conditions. This compound, enriched with ICS and FGD technologies, achieves an impressive balance between rolling efficiency, wet grip, mileage, and puncture protection. The result is an all-encompassing cycling tire that excels across diverse environments.

Versatile Sizes - Ready for Any Adventure:

Available in sizes ranging from 26-622 up to 35-622, the Cinturato TLR 700*26C is well-prepared for Granfondo rides and extensive adventures. Whether you prefer a traditional tube setup or opt for a tubeless-ready (TLR) configuration, this tire is ready to elevate your cycling experience.

Layered Defense:

  • Tread & Rubber Compound: The Cinturato TLR 700*26C is crafted from Pirelli's innovative SmartNETâ„¢ Silica and incorporates ICS and FGD technologies. This results in an exceptional tire that excels in rolling efficiency, wet grip, mileage, and puncture protection. The unique nano-rod conformation and network generation, combined with Silica's natural water affinity, break free from the traditional trade-off in rubber compounds.

  • Breaker: Situated beneath the tread, an aramid fiber belt serves as a shield, safeguarding the casing from sharp objects. Aramid is renowned for its high resistance to cuts and abrasions, enhancing both durability and overall performance.

  • Bead to Bead: A high-density nylon layer belt extends from one bead to the other, encircling the casing and running beneath the tread alongside an aramid breaker. This configuration provides robust protection against sharp objects and offers support for low-pressure riding. Nylon's lightweight nature and high density also contribute to airtight performance, particularly when used with sealant in tubeless-ready setups.

  • TLR Bead Profile: Engineered to align with tubeless-ready rim hooks, the TLR bead profile ensures easy mounting with inner tubes while maintaining proper tubeless bead engagement when used with sealant in a fully tubeless-ready configuration.

  • Construction: Developed over a 60 TPI (Threads Per Inch) casing, the Cinturato TLR 700*26C's tread incorporates Pirelli Functional Design Groove and Ideal Contour Shaping technologies. These innovations optimize footprint matching, control tire deformation at various speeds and lean angles, enhance water drainage, reduce noise output, and ensure rapid warm-up times, resulting in immediate maximum grip.


Specifications of Pirelli Cinturato TLR 700*26C

Weight 300 gms.
Casing 66tpi
Anti puncture Aramid Fiber

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