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Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger for Cannondale


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Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger for Cannondale

Precision Fit for Cannondale Bikes: Upgrade your Cannondale mountain bike with the Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger, specifically designed for models such as the Flash Carbon 29 and the Scalpel. This hanger ensures a precise fit, crucial for optimal bike performance and alignment.

Robust and Reliable: Constructed from durable materials, the Pilo D273 is engineered to endure the challenges of mountain biking. It's designed to resist bending and breaking, which is vital when navigating rough and rugged terrains.

Seamless Compatibility: This derailleur hanger offers a seamless match with specified Cannondale models, promoting superior alignment and integration with your bike's frame and drivetrain. This compatibility is essential for maintaining smooth and efficient gear shifting.

Easy Installation Process: The Pilo D273 includes all necessary mounting hardware, facilitating an easy and straightforward installation process. This allows for quick replacements, particularly important after experiencing a crash or other impacts that could compromise the hanger.

Enhances Shifting Performance: A well-functioning derailleur hanger is key to achieving precise and smooth gear shifts. By maintaining proper alignment, the Pilo D273 helps to prevent gear slipping and drivetrain issues, enhancing your riding experience.

Lightweight Design: Despite its strength and durability, the Pilo D273 is designed to be lightweight, ensuring it doesn't add unnecessary weight to your mountain bike. This feature is especially beneficial for riders concerned with optimizing performance through weight savings.

Essential for Maintenance: Derailleur hangers are often the first point of sacrifice during a fall or collision to save more costly components like the frame or derailleur itself. Having a spare such as the Pilo D273, especially designed for your specific bike model, is crucial for quick repairs and continuous riding enjoyment.

Overall Enhancement: Investing in a high-quality derailleur hanger like the Pilo D273 for your Cannondale bike not only preserves the integrity of your drivetrain but also improves your overall cycling experience, whether you're racing or enjoying a leisurely ride through challenging trails.

The Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger is an indispensable component for Cannondale mountain bike owners, ensuring durability, performance, and peace of mind on all your cycling adventures.


Features of Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger for Cannondale

  • A must have spare part!
  • Manufactured using CNC technology by Pilo
  • 6061 T651 aluminum
  • Anodized
  • Bolts included

Specifications of Pilo D273 Derailleur Hanger for Cannondale

Cannondale MTB

2015 F-SI Carbon Black Inc., F-SI Factory Racing, FS-I Carbon 2, F-29

2011 – Flash carbon, Flash carbon 29er, Flash, Flash 29er, Scalpel

2010 – Flash carbon

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