Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses | The Bike Affair

Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses


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Elevate Your Performance with Oakley XL Sunglasses

Introducing the latest evolution of the M2, Oakley XL sunglasses take performance to new heights with an enhanced vertical dimension. Designed to enhance your field of view, even when your head is subtly tilted downward, these sunglasses ensure that everything that matters remains within sight. Ideal for activities like cycling, the slightly taller design also boosts performance in sports and activities where objects above require careful attention.

Lightweight and Stylish Construction

Constructed with lightweight O Matter™ frame material, Oakley XL sunglasses offer durability and comfort without weighing you down. The frame is adorned with ellipse metal icon accents, adding a touch of style to your performance eyewear.

Unmatched Grip and Comfort

Enjoy a secure fit and optimal grip, even in sweaty conditions, with Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepads. These premium materials increase grip, ensuring that your sunglasses stay in place during intense activities.

Oakley's Performance Shield Lens Technology

Experience unrivaled optical precision and clarity with Oakley's performance shield lens technology, combined with HDO® (High Definition Optics). Enjoy reduced glare, improved impact resistance, and an enhanced visual experience during your high-performance pursuits.

Customize Your Performance

Oakley XL sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to optimize your performance in any environment. Swap lenses effortlessly to adapt to varying light conditions and excel in your chosen activity.

Enhance Your Vision with Prizm™ Lenses

Choose Oakley XL sunglasses with Prizm™ lenses to take your visual experience to the next level. Prizm™ lenses are engineered to enhance color, contrast, and detail, enabling you to perceive your surroundings with exceptional clarity and precision.

Personalize Your Eyewear

Tailor your Oakley XL sunglasses to your preferences with a range of lens options, including polarized and Iridium® variants. Find the perfect lens that suits your specific needs and enjoy the benefits of optimized vision.

Oakley Authentic Prescription Lens Inserts

For those requiring prescription eyewear, Oakley XL sunglasses are available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lens inserts. Experience clear vision without compromising on performance.

Unleash your full potential with Oakley XL sunglasses. Whether you're cycling, participating in sports, or engaging in activities that demand superior vision and performance, these sunglasses are designed to deliver. Embrace excellence with Oakley XL and experience a new level of clarity and precision.

Impact Protection

Oakley lenses are designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances to ensure uncompromising protection across a wide range of demanding conditions.


Oakley’s exclusive lens technology designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail.


Specificatons of Oakley M2 Frame XL Sunglasses

Prizm Road
Light Transmission 20%
Light Conditions Medium Light
Contrast Increased
Base Lens Color Rose
Information Notice 2

Size & Fit

Frame & Lenses

  • Frame Width: 132 mm
  • Bridge Height: 145 mm
  • Arm Length: 121 mm