Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet | The Bike Affair
Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet | The Bike Affair
Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet | The Bike Affair
Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet | The Bike Affair

Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet


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Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet

Embrace Speed with Aerodynamic Excellence: Prepare for heart-pounding sprint finishes and reach new levels of performance with the Oakley ARO5 MIPS Helmet. This aerodynamic and lightweight design is meticulously tuned for speed, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the race. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and cutting-edge features, making the ARO5 a top choice for competitive cyclists.

Aerodynamic and Lightweight: The ARO5 is expertly crafted for aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight performance, giving you the edge you need for thrilling sprints and fast-paced rides.

Eyewear Dock - Convenience at Your Fingertips: The integrated eyewear dock keeps your shades securely stowed for quick and easy access, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead.

Boa® 360 Fit System - Customized Comfort: Enjoy a precise fit with the Boa® 360 Fit System. The soft and flexible TX1 Lace lies flat against your head, ensuring seamless compatibility with your eyewear for a distraction-free ride.

X-Static® Brow Padding - Odor-Free Confidence: Experience unparalleled comfort and hygiene with X-Static® Brow Padding, which utilizes silver to inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate odors for the life of the product. The helmet comes with a secondary set of pads for added convenience.

MIPS® Integration - Advanced Brain Protection: The ARO5 features MIPS® Brain Protection System, a helmet-integrated low friction layer that reduces rotational motion during impacts, providing enhanced head protection for your safety.

Small (52-56cm) / Medium (54-58cm) / Large (56-60cm)

CPSC 1203, EN1078 and ANZ2063 Certifications


Technology of Oakley ARO5 Mips Helmet

Boa® Fit System - Perfect Fit, Every Time: The Oakley ARO5 MIPS Helmet is equipped with the Boa® Fit System, offering an exact fit with its fully adjustable design. Experience the ultimate in comfort and stability, as the Boa® system ensures a precise fit for every ride.

MIPS® Technology - Unmatched Head Protection: Remain headstrong with the industry-leading MIPS® Technology integrated into the Oakley ARO5 MIPS Helmet. This patented brain protection system is designed to safeguard your head from multidirectional impacts, reducing rotational motion and enhancing protection during potential accidents.

Experience Unmatched Performance: With the Boa® Fit System and MIPS® Technology, the Oakley ARO5 MIPS Helmet combines precision fit and advanced head protection, setting new standards in safety and performance. Trust Oakley to elevate your cycling experience with unrivaled technology.

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