Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape | The Bike Affair
Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape | The Bike Affair
Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape | The Bike Affair
Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape | The Bike Affair

Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape


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Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape: The Foundation of a Flawless Tubeless Setup

The Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape is engineered to be the cornerstone of your tubeless tire setup, providing a strong, reliable, and easy-to-install foundation that ensures optimal performance and longevity. Designed with both strength and flexibility in mind, this rim tape is your go-to solution for converting standard rims to tubeless, guaranteeing an airtight seal that stands up to the rigors of any ride.

Strength and Reliability for an Airtight Seal:

Milkit has developed a rim tape that not only adheres securely to your rim, preventing air from escaping through spoke holes but also offers the durability to withstand the demands of riding. This balance of strength and reliability ensures that once installed, the rim tape will provide a long-lasting performance, essential for maintaining tire pressure and reducing the risk of flats.

Flexible and Easy Installation:

Unlike some rim tapes that can be stiff and difficult to work with, Milkit's rim tape is designed for ease of installation. Its flexibility allows for quick and straightforward application, ensuring that the tape conforms perfectly to the inner contours of your rim for a seamless fit. This user-friendly design not only saves time during setup but also eliminates the common frustrations associated with rim tape installation.

Choosing the Right Width for a Perfect Fit:

To achieve the best results, it's important to select a rim tape width that matches or slightly exceeds the inner width of your rim. Proper width ensures that the tape covers the entire rim base and even extends slightly up the sides, creating a comprehensive barrier against air leakage. Opting for a tape that's too narrow may lead to air leaks, while a tape that's too wide could interfere with tire seating. Milkit's guidance helps riders choose the correct width for their rims, striking the perfect balance between coverage and compatibility.

Optimal Compatibility and Performance:

Milkit's commitment to simplifying tubeless installation and maintenance is evident in their rim tape design. By ensuring an airtight fit and supporting the integrity of your tubeless setup, this rim tape enhances the overall performance of your tubeless tires, providing peace of mind whether you're on a casual ride or pushing the limits in competitive scenarios.

The Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape is more than just an accessory; it's an essential component for anyone looking to embrace the benefits of tubeless riding. With its strong, reliable, and easy-to-install design, it lays the foundation for a tubeless setup that delivers superior performance and durability, ride after ride.


Features of Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape

  • Available in the four most popular widths – covering most rim sizes
  • Extra strong and reliable adhesive to ensure a tight fit on your rim
  • Optimum mix of strength and flex for easy mounting
  • 10m/11yd rolls – sufficient to set up 4-5 wheels

Usage Directions of Milkit Tubeless Rim Tape

For easy and effective installation:

  • Clean rim thoroughly and ensure it is dry
  • Install rim tape by pulling it firmly into the rim. It must be tight and ensure there are no gaps or air trapped underneath
  • Make sure it overlaps at least 10 cm / 4 in over the valve hole, it’s better to have a longer overlap than shorter
  • Use two layers for high pressure wheels (above 8 bar / 120 psi)
  • Cut rim tape at a 45° angle for the best adhesion and flexibility
  • Install milKit tubeless valves into rim: pinch just a small hole into the rim tape and push valve through tape into rim

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