Met Vinci Mips Road Cycling Helmet

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Drawing inspiration from the renowned Trenta, the MET Vinci Mips sets new benchmarks for comfort and safety, offering an exceptional price-performance ratio that's hard to beat.

Professional Excellence, Affordable Value

Crafted with the same dedication as our award-winning professional helmets, the Vinci Mips brings the pinnacle of comfort and safety within your reach, without compromising on quality.

Unmatched Comfort

Experience rides like never before with the MET Vinci Mips. Impeccable comfort meets exceptional safety standards, ensuring your road cycling journey is both secure and enjoyable.

Elevated Protection

Step up your cycling game with a helmet that goes above and beyond. The MET Vinci Mips is your companion on the road to success, offering the comfort and safety you deserve.


Features of Met Vinci Mips Road Cycling Helmet

  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • MIPS-C2® Brain Protection System
  • Safe-T DUO Fit System
  • Vertical adjustment and ponytail compatible
  • Reflective rear stickers
  • Internal air-channeling
  • Hand washable comfort pads
  • Adjustable cam divider
  • Certifications CE; AS/NZS

Fit System

Safe-T Duo

  • All-round belt offers 360° adjustment
  • Four positions for vertical adjustment
  • Ponytail compatible
  • Duo LED light compatible

Featuring the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the Vinci is able to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.

Two dedicated ports designed for securely docking sunglasses on longer climbs or during your coffee break.

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