Met Idolo CE Helmet


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Introducing the MET Idolo CE Helmet, a testament to simplicity and quality that stands out in the world of road cycling helmets.

Simplicity Refined

The MET Idolo captures attention with its elegantly simple design. Crafted with precision and care, it embodies a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication that sets it apart.

Quality at its Core

Don't compromise on quality or cost. The MET Idolo offers an unmatched combination of high-quality construction and affordable pricing, making it an ideal choice for road cyclists seeking the best of both worlds.

Engineered for Excellence

Step into a world of superior comfort and performance. The MET Idolo boasts meticulous interior engineering that caters to the needs of road cyclists, ensuring an unparalleled experience every time you hit the road.

A Helmet That Speaks Volumes

The MET Idolo CE Helmet proves that simplicity can make a powerful statement. With its captivating design and expert construction, it's more than just a helmet – it's an expression of your dedication to the road.


Features of Met Idolo CE Helmet

Fit System


  • All-round belt offers 360° adjustment
  • Comfort soft padding
  • Integrated Led light

Duo Led Light

Be seen in the dark. Blinking mode up to two and a half hours of use.

XL Size

Because we want high-quality cycling helmets to be accessible to every rider, we offer the MET Idolo in a broad range of sizes, including XL. 


Specifications of Met Idolo CE Helmet

  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Safe-T E-Mid Fit System
  • Hand washable comfort pads
  • Adjustable cam divider
  • Reflective rear stickers
  • Integrated rear LED light
  • Certifications CE; AS/NZS
  • Weight: M(52/59cm): 250 g; XL(60/64cm): 285 g

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