Magicshine Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support | The Bike Affair
Magicshine Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support | The Bike Affair

Magicshine Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support


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Magicshine Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support

Seamless Integration for Clearer Vision

Introducing the latest innovation from Magicshine, the Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support, a game-changing solution for cyclists who require prescription glasses. This adaptor is designed to seamlessly integrate with Magicshine Windbreaker Sunglasses, allowing riders to combine the high-performance features of Windbreaker with their custom prescription lenses.

Designed for the Visionary Cyclist

Understanding the unique needs of cyclists with vision prescriptions, Magicshine has developed this adaptor to ensure that every rider has access to clear, unobstructed vision without compromising on style or performance. Now, you can enjoy the full benefits of Windbreaker Sunglasses without having to switch between your prescription glasses and sunglasses during rides.

Easy to Use and Comfortable

The Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support is designed for ease of use. It allows for quick and straightforward attachment of your prescription lenses to the Windbreaker frame, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This means less time adjusting and more time enjoying your ride with the confidence that your vision needs are fully met.

Maintain Your Style Without Sacrificing Functionality

With this innovative adaptor, you no longer have to choose between clear vision and protecting your eyes from the elements. The Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support lets you maintain your style and the high level of functionality expected from Magicshine products, ensuring that your ride is both comfortable and visually clear.

A Must-Have for Prescription Lens Users

If you're a cyclist who relies on prescription glasses, the Magicshine Windbreaker Myopic Glass Support is an essential addition to your gear. It bridges the gap between prescription eyewear and sports sunglasses, offering a perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style. Embrace the freedom of cycling with clear vision and protection, thanks to this innovative solution from Magicshine.

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