Magicshine Seemee 180 Rearlight


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Enhance Your Visibility with the Magicshine Seemee 180 Rearlight

Introducing the Seemee 180, a powerful bike tail light designed for road, urban, and mountain bikers. With its wide angle visibility, optional brake sensor, and low power flash mode, this rearlight ensures that you stay safe and visible on the road.

Wide Angle Visibility:

The Seemee 180 features a wide angle visibility design, allowing you to be seen from various angles. With its powerful output of up to 180 lumens, this tail light provides increased visibility, making it perfect for riding in busy city streets or on dark roads.

Brake Sensor for Enhanced Safety:

Equipped with an optional brake sensor, the Seemee 180 automatically activates a constant beam of 180 lumens when it detects a sudden change in speed. This feature offers temporarily enhanced visibility, ensuring that other road users are aware of your presence. For off-road adventures, the brake sensor mode can be disabled to conserve power.

Intelligent Light Sensing:

The built-in infrared sensor detects the ambient light levels and adjusts the output accordingly. This ensures optimal visibility during both daytime and nighttime riding conditions, providing you with the right amount of illumination at all times.

Low Power Mode and Long Runtime:

To maximize power saving, the Seemee 180 includes a low power flash mode that is triggered when the battery level reaches around 5%. With a maximum output of 27 lumens, this mode extends the remaining runtime, allowing you to safely reach your destination. The tail light offers a maximum runtime of up to 18 hours on the lowest brightness setting, ensuring reliable performance during long rides.

Versatile Mounting Options:

The Seemee 180 comes with a variety of mounting options to suit your needs. With a mechanism similar to Garmin quarter turn style mounts, it can be easily attached to seatposts, saddlebags, helmets, and backpacks. Its IPX6 weatherproof rating ensures durability and reliability in various weather conditions. Recharging is simple and convenient with the USB functionality.

Enhance your safety on the road with the Magicshine Seemee 180 Rearlight. Experience wide angle visibility, intelligent features, and versatile mounting options that prioritize your safety during every ride.


Features of Magicshine Seemee 180 Rearlight

  • 180 lumens max, 125 lumens consistent, 260 degrees visibility, visible from more than 2 miles away
  • Brake Sensor: 180 lumen light on brake and lasts 3 seconds
  • 8 modes: Constant and 4 flash modes, 3 brightness modes
  • Ambient light sensor, automatically adjust mode according to enviroment changing.
  • Low power mode:¬†Power saving flash mode triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
  • Multiple mounting methods that fit in saddle and different seat posts.
  • 1.5 hours runtime on highest brightness constant mode
  • 36 g in weight, USB rechargeable and¬†exquisite case design with IPX6 waterproof rate

Specifications of Magicshine Seemee 180 Rearlight

  • Max Brightness-¬†180 Lumens
  • Power Source-¬†Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery
  • Mount Location -¬†Seatpost
  • Charge Time-¬†1.5 Hours
  • Run Time-¬†High: 125 lumens 1.5hrs / Mid: 63 lumens 2hrs / Low: 27 lumens 3.5hrs / Flash 1: 6hrs / Flash 2: 10hrs / Flash 3: 3.5hrs / Flash 4: 2.5hrs
  • Protection Rating-¬†IPX6