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Looplube Frame & Tyre Protection Spray


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Protect your bike's frame and tyres with Looplube Frame & Tyre Protection Spray. This innovative formula provides a powerful shield against the elements, ensuring your bike stays looking great and performing at its best.

Complete Protection for Frame and Tyres:

Looplube Frame & Tyre Protection Spray is designed to safeguard both your bike's frame and tyres from the rigors of the road. It forms a durable, water-resistant barrier that repels moisture, dirt, and road grime.

Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics:

With this protection spray, your bike's frame and tyres remain free from corrosion and damage caused by environmental factors. The formula enhances the shine and finish, keeping your bike looking fresh ride after ride.

Long-Lasting Performance:

Our Frame & Tyre Protection Spray provides lasting protection, even in tough weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your bike is shielded against wear and tear.

Easy Application:

Applying the Frame & Tyre Protection Spray is a breeze. Simply spray it onto the frame and tyres, and it forms a protective layer that adheres effortlessly to the surfaces.

Versatile Use:

This protection spray is suitable for various types of frames, including steel, aluminum, and carbon. It is also compatible with various tyre types, making it a versatile solution for your bike maintenance needs.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

At Looplube, we care about the environment, which is why our Frame & Tyre Protection Spray is formulated with eco-consciousness in mind. You can protect your bike and the planet at the same time.

Ride with Confidence:

Whether you're a daily commuter or a passionate cyclist, Looplube Frame & Tyre Protection Spray ensures your bike is ready for the road ahead. Enjoy worry-free rides with this reliable and effective protection.


Features of Looplube Frame & Tyre Protection Spray

  • Works for both bicycle frame and tyre
  • Extracts dirt lodged inside the tyre
  • Protects tyre from cracks & improves life
  • Protects frame from environmental effects
  • Creates protective layer on the frame Protects paint and stickers
  • Makes washing a bicycle quick and easy
  • Apply single layer on frame and spread
  • Apply singly layer on tyre while spinning and leave overnight before going for a ride

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