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Looplube External Metal Parts Protection Spray

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Protect your bike's external metal parts from the elements with Looplube External Metal Parts Protection Spray. This specially formulated spray creates a durable barrier that shields your bike's metal components, ensuring they stay corrosion-free and looking like new.

Ultimate Protection for Metal Parts:

Our External Metal Parts Protection Spray provides a powerful protective layer that safeguards metal components from moisture, dirt, and other environmental factors. Whether it's your bike's frame, fork, handlebars, or other metal parts, this spray keeps them shielded and rust-free.

Long-Lasting Performance:

With Looplube External Metal Parts Protection Spray, you get long-lasting protection. The weather-resistant formula ensures that your bike remains guarded against harsh conditions, extending the life of your components.

Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics:

Preserve the appearance of your bike with our protective spray. It not only prevents corrosion but also enhances the shine and finish of your bike's metal parts, keeping them looking pristine.

Easy Application:

Using our Metal Parts Protection Spray is simple and hassle-free. Just spray it directly onto the metal surfaces, and it forms a thin, even coating that adheres seamlessly to the parts.

Versatile Use:

This protection spray is suitable for various metal parts of your bike, making it a versatile addition to your maintenance toolkit. Use it on steel, aluminum, titanium, and other metal components.

Reliable Brand, Eco-Friendly Solution:

Looplube is committed to producing environmentally friendly products, and our External Metal Parts Protection Spray is no exception. It is formulated with eco-consciousness in mind, so you can protect your bike and the environment simultaneously.

Ride with Confidence:

Keep your bike's metal parts in top-notch condition with Looplube External Metal Parts Protection Spray. Whether you're a casual rider or a serious cyclist, this spray provides the protection you need for a worry-free ride.


Features of Looplube External Metal Parts Protection Spray

  • Protects all nuts, bolts and any metal part from rust and corrosion
  • Provides protection for 6 months or more
  • Works in all extreme weather conditions Designed for parts visible externally
  • Do NOT use on chain or bearings
  • Allow curing time of 24 hours after use
  • Apply single thin layer in a single spray motion
  • Killer product to prevent rust on metal parts every where else (home/office/garage/outdoors)

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