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Lezyne Mounting Strap For Strip Drive /Strip Pro/Laser Drive Tail Lights


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Lezyne Mounting Strap for Strip Drive / Strip Pro / Laser Drive Tail Lights: Secure Your Visibility

Essential Replacement for Uninterrupted Performance: The Lezyne Mounting Strap is a crucial accessory designed specifically for the Strip Drive series and Laser Drive LED tail lights. Whether you're replacing a worn-out strap or simply need a spare, this mounting strap ensures that your visibility on the road remains uninterrupted. Crafted to meet the exact specifications of your Lezyne lights, it guarantees a perfect fit and secure attachment to your bike.

Durable and Flexible Design: Engineered for durability, the Lezyne Mounting Strap is made from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of daily use. Its flexible design allows for easy attachment to various parts of your bike, ensuring that your tail light stays in place, even on rough terrains. This resilience is crucial for maintaining optimal light positioning and maximizing your visibility to others.

Simple, Tool-Free Installation: Installation of the Lezyne Mounting Strap is straightforward and requires no tools, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. This simplicity is invaluable, especially for cyclists who need to transfer their lights between bikes or adjust their positioning for different riding conditions. The strap's intuitive design ensures that you can secure your tail light in just seconds, keeping you safer on the road with minimal downtime.

Compatibility Across Lezyne Models: The versatility of the Lezyne Mounting Strap extends to its compatibility with multiple models within the Strip Drive and Laser Drive series. This broad compatibility makes it an essential part of your cycling kit, ensuring that you always have the right equipment to keep your tail light securely mounted, regardless of which model you own.

Maintain Safety with Lezyne Quality: Choosing the Lezyne Mounting Strap for your Strip Drive or Laser Drive LED tail lights is a decision that prioritizes safety and reliability. By ensuring a secure fit and optimal positioning for your lights, this mounting strap plays a crucial role in your visibility on the road. Trust in Lezyne's commitment to quality and innovation to keep you seen and safe, ride after ride.


Specifications of Lezyne Mounting Strap For Strip Drive /Strip Pro/Laser Drive Tail Lights

Dimensions  9 mm, 36.3 mm, 3.6 mm
Weight 7.4 g
Country of Origin Taiwan

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