Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For Gopro | The Bike Affair
Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For Gopro | The Bike Affair
Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For Gopro | The Bike Affair

Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For Gopro


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Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For GoPro: Enhance Your Night Rides and Recordings

Versatile and Low-Profile Design: The Lezyne LED Helmet Mount offers a sleek solution for cyclists looking to illuminate their path or capture their adventures. Designed to strap securely to your bicycle helmet, this mount provides an optimized point of view for both night riding visibility and recording action. Its low-profile design ensures it doesn't interfere with your riding experience while keeping your LED light or GoPro camera in the perfect position.

Durable Construction for Reliable Use: Crafted from durable, mold-injected Composite Matrix, the LED Helmet Mount is built to withstand the rigors of everyday cycling and adventurous rides. This robust construction guarantees a reliable attachment point for your equipment, ensuring it stays in place no matter the terrain or conditions.

Easy Installation on Any Helmet: Equipped with an easy-to-install Velcro strap, this helmet mount is designed to fit virtually all helmet styles. This universal compatibility makes it a convenient choice for cyclists of all disciplines, from urban commuters to trail explorers. The straightforward installation process allows you to quickly set up your light or camera and head out on your ride without hassle.

Compatibility with Lezyne Headlights: This helmet mount is compatible with a wide array of Lezyne headlights, attaching via the GoPro LED Adapter for a seamless fit. This compatibility extends the versatility of your Lezyne lights, allowing for hands-free illumination that follows your line of sight. (Note: This mount is not compatible with Lezyne USB-C lights.)

Optimized for Night Riding and Recording: Whether you're navigating through city streets after dark or capturing the thrill of a nighttime trail ride, the Lezyne LED Helmet Mount enhances your experience. By keeping your LED light or GoPro camera securely positioned in your line of sight, you benefit from improved visibility and dynamic recording angles, ensuring no moment or detail is missed.

A Must-Have Accessory for Cycling Enthusiasts: For cyclists who prioritize safety and want to capture their rides, the Lezyne LED Helmet Mount is an essential accessory. Its combination of durability, compatibility, and easy installation makes it an invaluable tool for enhancing night rides and recording your cycling adventures. Upgrade your setup with this versatile helmet mount and experience the difference it makes in your riding and recording capabilities.


Specifications of Lezyne LED Helmet Mount For Gopro

Dimensions  68 mm, 35 mm, 24 mm
Weight 32.8 g
Country of Origin Taiwan

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