Lezyne Laser Drive (250 Lumens) Rearlight | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Laser Drive (250 Lumens) Rearlight | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Laser Drive (250 Lumens) Rearlight | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Laser Drive (250 Lumens) Rearlight | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Laser Drive (250 Lumens) Rearlight | The Bike Affair

Lezyne Laser Drive 250 Lumens Tail Light


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Lezyne Laser Drive Rearlight - Compact and High Visibility Safety Light

The Lezyne Laser Drive Rearlight is a compact and high visibility safety light designed to enhance your visibility on the road. Equipped with four ultra-bright LEDs, this rear light ensures that you stand out and stay safe during your rides, especially in low-light conditions.

Laser-Mode for Added Safety

One of the standout features of the Laser Drive Rearlight is its laser-mode, which beams two safety strips on the ground behind you. This unique feature provides an additional safety layer, making you even more noticeable to drivers and other road users.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

The Laser Drive Rearlight boasts a co-molded lens/body construction, making it both light and durable. This robust design ensures that the light can withstand the demands of your cycling adventures and last for a long time.

Waterproof for All-Weather Riding

Don't let rainy weather stop you from riding. The Laser Drive Rearlight is waterproof, giving you the confidence to ride in various weather conditions without worrying about water damage.

Versatile Aero and Round Post Compatible Design

Whether your bike has an aero or round seat post, the Laser Drive Rearlight is compatible with both. Its design allows for easy installation and a secure fit on different seat post shapes.

Powerful Illumination and Multiple Modes

The Laser Drive Rearlight offers up to 250 lumens of brightness, ensuring that you are visible to others on the road. It features multiple output and flash modes, allowing you to customize the light's settings based on your preference and riding conditions.

180 Degrees of Visibility

With its extended lens, the Laser Drive Rearlight provides 180 degrees of visibility, ensuring that you can be seen from various angles by motorists and pedestrians.

Convenient Rechargeable Design

No need to worry about replacing batteries constantly. The Laser Drive Rearlight features a convenient Micro-USB rechargeable design, making it easy to recharge the light whenever needed.

Enhance Your Safety with Lezyne

Upgrade your safety on the road with the Lezyne Laser Drive Rearlight. Its compact size, high visibility, laser-mode, and multiple features make it an essential accessory for every cyclist.


    Specifications of Lezyne Laser Drive Rearlight

     Max Lumens 250
    Weight 84g
    Max Runtime 17.5 hours
    Recharge time 2 hours
    Protection Rating IPX7
    Mount Location Seatpost

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