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Krutials Unicode Lock | The Bike Affair

Krutials Unicode Lock

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Krutials Unicode Lock

Robust Security Solution: The Krutials Unicode Lock stands as a fortress against theft, featuring a Flexible Braided Self Coiling Steel Cable designed to deter potential thieves. Its 10 mm*1500 mm dimensions provide ample length to secure your bike to a variety of objects, ensuring your peace of mind whether you're at a café, office, or outdoor adventure.

Enhanced Cut Resistance: Engineered for resilience, this lock boasts increased cut resistance. The robust construction of the braided steel cable, combined with its flexibility, allows for secure locking around poles, bike racks, and other securement points, significantly reducing the risk of theft by cutting.

Convenient Storage with Mount: Convenience meets security with an included Mount that attaches effortlessly to your bike frame. This feature ensures your lock is always on hand, eliminating the nuisance of carrying it separately. The self-coiling design of the cable makes it easy to manage and store, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes and long rides alike.

Reliable Key Access: The lock comes equipped with 2 keys, providing a reliable method of access without the hassle of remembering combinations. This key mechanism adds an extra layer of security, as the keys can be conveniently stored separately from the bike when not in use.

Upgrade your bike's security with the Krutials Unicode Lock. Its durable construction, cut resistance, and convenient storage option make it an indispensable accessory for cyclists who value the safety of their ride. With this lock, you can focus more on your journey and less on the security of your bike.

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