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Krutials Digit Lock | The Bike Affair

Krutials Digit - 4 Digit Combination Lock

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Krutials Digit - 4 Digit Combination Lock: Enhanced Security

The Krutials Digit - 4 Digit Combination Lock offers superior security with its flexible, braided, self-coiling steel cable. Designed to provide increased cut resistance, this lock ensures your bike remains secure, giving you peace of mind whether you’re parking in a busy city or a secluded area.

Durable and Reliable: Constructed from high-quality materials, the Krutials Digit lock is built to last. The 10 mm thick steel cable is both robust and flexible, allowing for easy maneuvering while maintaining its strength against potential tampering. This lock is a reliable choice for long-term use, ensuring your bike stays protected.

Convenient Size and Storage: Measuring 10 mm in diameter and 1500 mm in length, this lock offers ample length to secure your bike to a variety of fixtures. The self-coiling feature makes it compact and easy to carry, while the included mount attaches to your bike frame for convenient storage when not in use. This thoughtful design ensures the lock is always within reach without taking up extra space.

Easy-to-Use Combination: The 4-digit combination lock eliminates the need for keys, providing an added layer of convenience. Simply set your preferred combination and you’re ready to go. This feature makes it easy to share access with family or friends without the hassle of keeping track of keys.

Perfect for Everyday Use: Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional rider, the Krutials Digit lock is an excellent choice for securing your bike. Its combination of durability, security, and convenience makes it suitable for various environments and situations, ensuring your bike remains safe wherever you go.

The Krutials Digit - 4 Digit Combination Lock is a versatile and reliable security solution for any cyclist. With its strong, flexible steel cable, easy-to-use combination lock, and convenient storage mount, this lock provides the ultimate balance of security and practicality. Protect your bike with the dependable Krutials Digit lock and enjoy worry-free rides every time.


Features of Krutials Digit - 4 Digit Combination Lock

  • Flexible Braided Self Coiling Steel Cable
  • Provides increased cut resistance
  • Size : 10 mm*1500 mm
  • Comes with a Mount which attaches to the frame for storage
  • 4 Digit Combination Lock

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