Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads for CSS | The Bike Affair
Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads for CSS | The Bike Affair

Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads for CSS


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Enhance Your Braking Power with Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads for CSS Rims

Upgrade your braking performance with the Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads, specially designed for Rigida CSS rims. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, these brake pads are a popular choice among cyclists seeking superior stopping power. Let's explore the features that make these brake pads a top-notch option for your braking needs.

Hardened Steel Backbone for Increased Brake Force:

The Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads feature a hardened steel backbone, providing enhanced brake force. This robust construction ensures reliable and consistent braking performance, giving you the confidence to handle various riding conditions.

Thick Material for Extended Lifetime:

Experience a long-lasting braking solution with the thick material of the Supra 2 brake pads. The durability of these pads translates to an extended lifetime, reducing the frequency of replacements and keeping your braking system in top condition.

Angled Tip for Mud and Water Clearance:

Equipped with an angled tip, the Supra 2 brake pads act like a plow, effectively clearing mud and water away from the rim. This design feature contributes to improved braking efficiency, especially in challenging weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance when you need it most.

Pad-Lock System for Precise Adjustment:

Fine-tune your braking experience with the Pad-Lock system, allowing for precise adjustment of the brake pads. Achieve optimal contact with the rim, enhancing the overall responsiveness and effectiveness of your braking system.

Specially Designed for Rigida CSS Rims: These brake pads are specifically designed to complement Rigida CSS rims. The tailored design ensures compatibility and optimal performance, making them a seamless upgrade for cyclists using Rigida CSS rims.


Specifications of Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads for CSS

Brake Pad Version  Brake Shoe
Brake Pad for for Alloy Brake Surface
Rims Carbide Coated
Model Year 2021
Weight 58 gr / pair

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